September 2023

From the President

Dear Peter, AACIDs in Atlanta have issued a request for proposals (RFP) for an ATN system. The intent is to build a two or three station demonstration system helping point the way to a much larger deployment. Following on the heels of the San Jose RFP, this is a significant step in the right direction.

Another important development also being spearheaded by Gerald McDowell, Executive Director of AACIDs is the formation of Autonomous Transit Communities (ATC). We understand this is proposed to be an organization of ATN owners and potential owners who can support each other through the process of investigating and implementing ATN systems. An initial meeting is planned to be held at the Podcar City Conference.

Podcar City 2023 November 30 – December 1 in San Jose, California promises to be the best ever! The program includes owners and potential owners, suppliers and developers, enthusiasts and sceptics, knowledgeable professors and professionals.

This is a great opportunity to learn about ATN from top to bottom. Please plan to attend. ATRA members get a discount.

PS: We love you. Please join ATRA/pay your dues/volunteer.

Together we can fix public transportation!

Best regards,

Peter Muller, ATRA President

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Podcar City Conference 2023 San Jose, CaliforniaNovember 30 - December 1
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Why Does ATN Work?

The logic behind automated transit networks (ATN) is quite simple yet intriguing. It leverages four basic concepts:

  1. If you do not need drivers, you do not need large vehicles.
  2. If stations are offline (on sidings) every trip can be nonstop, or at least express. 
  3. If switching is vehicle-mounted (rather than rail-mounted), small vehicles can travel close together and provide similar capacity to large vehicles travelling further apart.
  4.  If the vehicles travel on dedicated guideways their computer control will be much simpler and safer. Trips will be quicker and more reliable, while traffic congestion will be reduced.

When we use small vehicles, we only need light, unobtrusive and relatively inexpensive guideway structures. Many small vehicles are needed, resulting in short waiting times.

Offline stations do not slow through traffic down so we can have many small stations rather than a few large ones. This results in short walking distances.

Now we have a safe system with short waiting and walking times and all trips nonstop or express. On top of that, everyone gets a seat!

Commercially available modern PRT systems have top speeds up to 45 MPH and capacities up to 19,000 passengers per hour per direction. Cost per passenger mile is much lower than bus rapid transit or light rail. Surface space required is about 1% of those modes. Now do you understand why Podcars work, and we are so excited about them?

Peter Muller, P.E., ATRA President


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PRT team reminds passengers of safety guidelines

With thousands of passengers traveling across campus each day, the Personal Rapid Transit team reminds passengers of safety guidelines when riding the PRT.


Bay Area autonomous shuttle startup raises $47 million

A Bay Area startup that's developing autonomous shuttles, and won a tentative stamp of approval from San Jose officials earlier this year, has raised tens of millions in new funding.

Glydways raised close to $47 million in a new round that opened earlier this month, according to a filing.


Pod taxi tender date extended as cos seek clarity on fee, security

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has extended the deadline for submitting tenders for the pod taxi project by one month, September 10,a decision taken after the pre-bid meeting queries raised last month.


Personal Rapid Transit Systems: A Solution for Urban Traffic Congestion

Urban traffic congestion has become a pressing issue in many cities worldwide, with the increasing number of vehicles on the road leading to longer commute times, increased pollution, and reduced quality of life. In response to this growing problem, a revolutionary solution has emerged in the form of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems.


How Technology is Revolutionizing Personal Rapid Transit Systems

The future of transportation is undergoing a significant transformation, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems, a type of public transport featuring small automated vehicles operating on a network of specially built guideways, are at the forefront of this evolution. As we delve into the realm of PRT systems, it becomes evident that technology is not just enhancing these systems but revolutionizing them, offering potential solutions to the pressing issues of congestion, pollution, and inefficiency in urban transportation.


Yeida extends pod taxi project from Film City to Greater Noida’s Pari Chowk

According to officials, once extended to Pari Chowk, the pod taxi project will span at least 25 kilometres from Jewar to Greater Noida’s Pari Chowk


Driverless car legislation is still stuck in neutral in the US

Bills that would allow thousands more autonomous vehicles on the road have been stalled in Congress for over six years with no sign of progress.



Pod Taxis To Connect Jewar Airport And Pari Chowk: Officials

Uttar Pradesh: Yogi Adityanath’s recent decision to expand the pod taxi route has sparked significant excitement as it paves the way for efficient and futuristic transportation in the region.


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