Thursday, April 26 th , Virginia Garcia will host our 10 th annual Health Care Symposium. This year, the focus of the conversation is an issue impacting the lives of many of our patients and children in our community - Toxic Stress.

Persistent toxic stress affects the development of the brain and places the individual at a higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse, depression and even cardiovascular disease later in life. It simultaneously reduces the likelihood to succeed in school, maintain healthy relationships and hold down a job. To make matters worse, the longer toxic stress is present, the harder it is to reverse the effects.

We’ve convened an insightful panel, moderated by U.S. News and World reporter Ruben Castaneda, and invite you to join us for this important conversation.

Please join us as we examine the causes of toxic stress and discuss ways health care providers can reduce the impact at this year’s health care symposium. 
Speakers on the panel will include:
Moderated by