April 12, 2021 | ISSUE 51
The Week at P2
Introducing HerbenoneTM - A new versatile herbal top note!

We are teaming up with Perfumer & Flavorist to give you all a deep dive into the product and all its capabilities.

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We're Hiring!
As a fast-growing green chemistry company P2 is always hiring and always looking for highly talented and motivated people. Check out our careers page for more information and a short video about what it’s like to work at P2 https://p2science.com/careers/

Right now, we have a special interest in talking to the following:

Applications Chemist – With strong experience in using specialty chemicals to formulate cosmetics and personal care products. If you have great multi-year experience in this area, good customer skills and have a serious desire to be the best in the world at what you do, please get in touch. Online and on-camera presence is a plus.

Process Chemist – You are a world-class engineer with experience in scaling chemical processes from lab, through pilot, to commercial. You should be great at organic chemistry and be familiar with flow processing. A plus would be process intensification somewhere on your resume. Bring your hands-on attitude and rolled up sleeves to this critical new role at P2.

Research Chemist – The legendary Chemistry Team at P2 has another opening for a MS / PhD level innovator. You are a superstar organic chemist with an enormous appetite for challenge and change. You’ll be re-writing the chemical industry book as you create new specialty chemicals and building blocks as part of the most productive R&D team in the business.

Salesperson – You know who you are. You are consistently ranked the best, most responsive, creative and effective at what you do. And what you do is specialty chemicals sales. You follow up, early and often. You’re disciplined and you don’t let anything stop you. You are ridiculously good at communicating. You know the cosmetics and personal care ingredients industry.

What’s with the “Doers, Dreamers and Leaders” that we have on our website?. To thrive at P2, you must be all 3. Doing without pursuing your dream? That’s just a chore. Dreaming but not doing? Forget it. Not leading? You have to share your skills to build them. If you are action oriented with a love of chemistry and humanity and driven by a dream of making a difference, we want to talk with you. With the growing commercial production and sales of Citropols®, we are always expanding the team. This is a new chapter in the P2 story as we commercialize many new products and build up a huge international customer base. We have a blue-chip group of very supportive investors including BASF, Chanel and Heritage Group Ventures. What’s it like to work at P2?

Check out the video on our site. If you have expertise and experience particularly in any of the above listed areas, please get in touch. neil@p2science.com.

The next chapter of our story could also be yours. That’s the scoop!
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