Friends -

We keep hearing the term "New Normal"! This is one "New Normal" I know is temporary until a vaccine is developed and we can socialize in the "Old Normal". History has shown that this too shall pass we just need to be patient and to have faith!!

The government has stated that houses of worship who wish to re-open may accept only 40% of the stated capacity of the worship space, as noted on their occupancy permit. In addition, maintaining physical distancing of 6 feet between members, both when they are seated and when they are walking in the aisles, must also be ensured. This second requirement lowers substantially the capacity numbers that each house of worship will be able to accept for Mass. At St. Margaret Mary's, while adhering to these capacity restrictions, we will be able to accommodate 102 people at each Mass.

In order to comply with capacity limitations, we are asking that you register for the Mass you would like to attend using the links below. Registration will automatically close once the capacity limit for that Mass is met. Each week we will publish a new registration page and ask that you register for the Mass you wish to attend before noon on Friday of that week.

To register to attend a Mass for the weekend of May 30th and 31st please click on the Mass link below for the day/time you would like to attend:

If you have any questions please call our office at 781-326-1071 and we can assist and answer any questions you may have.

God Bless and Stay safe!!!

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