May 2017 - Issue 4

EN Plus Infravation Coordinator
Peter Wilbers


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FP7 Coordination and Support Action


EN Plus Infravation is funded from the EN Plus scheme (European Commission's FP7 Work Programme SST.2013.1-3) with Grant Agreement number 618109. 



Infravation demonstration events start with SEACON on 3rd-4th May 2017
The focus for 2017 for the ERA-NET Plus Infravation programme is most definitely the demonstration activities being held for each of the nine innovation projects, which gear them up for onward implementation. Click here to take a look at the newly published Infravation factsheet giving a first overview of these activiti es, where you can see the dates and locations of each one.

The first of these nine demonstration events has already taken place for the SEACON project in Tampa, Florida on 3rd-4th May. Click here to get more information about this, here for a video of the Forum and for more information on the project.

 The next events to come include the  BioRePavation project at IFSTTAR in Nantes, France on 6th July and SUREBRIDGE project at Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden on 1st September. Click here to register to the BioRePavation event and here to the SUREBRIDGE event.

Register today for next Infravation annual event on 25th October 2017
Register today for the 2017 Infravation annual event on the afternoon of Wednesday 25th October 2017 at FEHRL member BASt near Cologne, Germany. This event, to be held on the same day as the H2020 FOX project's final conference, will cover presentations by the Management Group and each of the Project Coordinators. This event is one of the following series of events planned for the whole week:

Monday 23rd October, whole day:EC Collaboration Innovation Days final event
Tuesday 24th October, whole day: Infravation Scientific Panel and Project Coordinators meeting 
Wednesday 25th October, morning: H2020 FOX project final conference - register here for this event
Wednesday 25th October, afternoon: Infravation Annual Event 2017 - register here for this event
Thursday 26th October, morning: Healroad project demonstration event
Thursday 26th October, afternoon: Infravation Steering Group meeting
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