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  • Group Treasurer or Administrator
  • Group Support Scouter
  • Scouting Relationship Manager
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  • Member Services Administrator or Registrar
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Setting up for September ...and looking ahead to 2022
Greetings all.

This edition focuses on your MyScouts To-Do list as we approach September.

Not included: other things you should be doing - like touching base with current volunteers and recruiting and onboarding new ones, preparing a welcome message for members, reaching out to people on your Waitlists to let them know registration opens 15 September - and to your current member-families to remind them of the 1 September registration opening.

If there's a specific topic you'd like to see covered in future editions, suggestions are welcome through Please include "Reg Newsletter" in the subject line.
Set for September To Do Lists
Before 1 September
  • Renew as a Scouter
  • If you're parent to a youth (14-17) wanting to volunteer, register youth (includes current youth Scouters under 18)
  • Check PRC expiry > Renew if needed
  • Check RiS expiry > Recertify if needed
  • Check other training needs > Complete if needed

On (or soon after) 1 September
  • Review and Accept the Code of Conduct

COMMISSIONERS (and Committee Chairs)
  • Review Scouter Approvals
  • Use Scouter Approval feature to edit or remove roles of renewed Scouters
Before 1 September
  • Set Group Fee (only if charging)
  • Review Group profile details
  • Review profile details for each "Active" Section
  • Check/Set your "Max Participants" capacities in each Section
  • Move advancing youth to new Sections (reduce 2021 capacity first!)
  • Run a Waitlist report; follow-up with parents

On (or soon after) 1 September
  • Re-check/Set your "Max Participants" capacity for 2021
Individual Member To-Dos
Renew or Register as Volunteer
Renew as a Scouter: currently registered Adult Volunteers only

The "Volunteer Renewal" option is available (and functional) in "My Menu" below the coloured "Register..." buttons.

Self-Register as a Scouter: new (or other wise not currently registered) Adults

Use the "Register as Volunteer" option in own MyScouts account, and when prompted for who to register, choose "Myself".
YOUTH 14 TO 17
Register own youth as Scouter: Parents of youth wanting to volunteer

The minimum age to be a Scouter is 14.

Youth under 18 require annual parental consent to volunteer - so no "Renew" option is offered.

Linked-parent uses the "Register as Volunteer" option in own MyScouts account, and when prompted for who to register, choose applicable youth.
General Note:

Whether through registration or renewal, Scouter roles are created with "Pending" status by default and require "GCap" - approval of appointment from one's Commissioner. (For Section Scouters and Group Committee members, this is the Group Commissioner. For Group Commissioners, approval may come from your Council Commissioner or the Relationship Manager supporting your Group.)
Check Your "Readiness"
PRC Expiry (Adults only)
In the lower-middle left-side of each log-in accessible MyScouts profile is a "My Profile" box.
This information is always the user's - even when viewing someone else's or an "Org Unit" (Example: Section) profile.

There, you can find your PRC status and expiry date. If you're coming due to renew or your PRC has already expired, please get a new one.

Questions on how to apply or submit results? Contact
RiS Expiry
Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders training is required by all registered adult members (Scouters, Rovers, Employees) and youth Scouters. Training is "good" for five years.

Over the coming months (and particularly this time next year), many of us will reach the end of our first five year period and need to re-certify.

Check "My Training" (or log into the David Huestis Learning Centre to access the Respect session) to see your completion date. 2016 expire this year.

For more information, please see our Online Support Centre > Respect in Sport FAQ.

Wood Badge - and other Training
If you're new to your role within the past year and have not already done so, you will need to complete Wood Badge training.
Section Scouters:
Wood Badge for Canadian Path

Section Scouters with older "Section-specific" (example Wood Badge for Pack) are encouraged to update training with Wood Badge for Canadian Path. It's not "re-doing"; the training (and program it supports) is very different.
Group Committee Members:
Wood Badge for Group Committee (recommended for Administrators, Registrars, Treasurers)
Wood Badge for Canadian Path (which may be a better choice for Scouters who provide help to Sections)

Group Commissioners:
Wood Badge for Group Commissioners which includes
  • All sessions of Wood Badge for Group Committee
  • Some sessions of Wood Badge for Canadian Path
  • Volunteer Screening: It's Our Duty
  • Additional session

Other Training:
First Aid is an important supplemental training you might consider (or may need updating).

Other supplemental training sessions are available through the David Huestis Learning Centre and may be offered through your Council. (Check their newsletters.)

Code of Conduct
On or about 1 September, all Scouters and Rover Scouts will be prompted to recommit to the Code of Conduct. Non-members with current roles (like Parent Helpers) will also be prompted when they log in.

Although we do not expect 2021-22 Scouter roles to be "Active" prior to 1 September, if any are, they will revert back to "Pending" until the Code of Conduct has been accepted.

Scouter (Re)Appointment Approval: GCap
After renewing, Scouters "Pending" roles will appear in the Group's Scouter Approval feature - available in the Group profile. Group Commissioners need approval from either their Council Commissioner or Relationship Manager. (Approval of GCs is done via the Area profile - although we no longer use Areas outside MyScouts "Hierarchy".)

While renewed roles are "Pending", the Scouter Approval feature allows the Group Commissioner to:
  • Change a Section Scouter role To/From Contact
  • Transfer a Section Scouter to a different Section in the same Group (example: from Pack to Troop)
  • Change a Group Committee member's role within the Committee (example: from Committee Member to Fundraising Coordinator)

When added, if this was the last requirement to be met, the role will become "Active" within the next hour.

Note: Although Group Registrars and Administrators can add "GCap", they should only do so if the Group does not have an "Active" Group Commissioner.

Group To-Dos
For detailed instructions, please click: Group Guide to MyScouts
(includes option to download)
Before 1 September
  • Set Group Fee (only if charging)
  • Review Group profile details; edit if needed
  • Review profile details for each "Active" Section; edit if needed
  • Check/Set your "Max Participants" capacities in each Section
  • Move advancing youth to new Sections (reduce 2021 capacity first! Suggestion: set to zero)
  • Run a Waitlist report; follow-up with parents

On (or soon after) 1 September
  • Re-check/Set your "Max Participants" capacity for 2021 (If you had reduced to zero or something up to your current Participant count, but are now prepared to offer space to new people for the fall)
2021 Waitlists will be cleared 31 August to prepare for the new 2022 registration season.
Groups are encouraged to run Waitlist reports and to invite people on it to register on/after 15 September.
on our national site > Join > Join Menu > FAQ
(scroll down below the "Join FAQ")
Registration Age-exception for Youth under 5
New Year: New Feature
The Join Scouts registration platform is set up to offer the appropriate Section based on youth age as of 31 December of the year before the Participant membership year. (For 2022: 31 December 2021)

For the 2022 Participant membership year, we're introducing a new feature that will enable Groups to make exceptions for youth not yet 5 (who they believe to be mature enough for Scouting) to be registered.

Check out the Group Guide to MyScouts for details on how to make exceptions possible.

Note: You are not required to offer an exception to any/all youth under 5 who parents may want to register.
Getting in Touch
Seeking Help and Sending Documents is the shared email address for Member Services Registrar-support across Canada. This is the preferred and recommended access point for communications relating to Registration, Readiness and MyScouts.

Where paper is needed (Example: original PRCs, cheques for Group Billing Code registrations), mailing addresses are:
For BC, YT:

Scouts Canada
PO Box 97206 Stn Main
Richmond, BC  V6X 8H3

Scouts Canada
4 Thorne Avenue
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1Y5
For Voyageur, N.ON councils, QC

Scouts Canada
200-1345 Baseline Road
Ottawa, ON K2C 0A7
For other Ontario Councils

Scouts Canada
1711 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON L1G 4Y1
For AB, MB, NWT, SK:

Scouts Canada
PO Box 67026 Northland Village
Calgary, AB T2L 2L2
Note (AB, MB, NWT, SK):
Unfortunately, the location of this PO box is closing.
We will provide the new address when it is available.
Mail sent to this address will be forwarded if needed for at least the next several weeks.