Seneca Waterways Council
November 5, 2019
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Registration Assistance Fund

In light of the new National Registration Fees announced last week the Seneca Waterways Council is pleased to announce the development of a one time Registration Assistance Fund of $50,000 to help units who are unable to accommodate the fee increase on such short notice. Applications for assistance are due no later than November 27th. Applications are available on our website - click Learn More button for details and to download application.
Scout Pinball Pros

Cub Scout Packs can discover the intricate mechanics of pinball! Learn from The Strong’s resident pinball expert about what goes into designing a pinball machine. Use your new knowledge to create a simple pinball machine with recyclable materials. Space is limited so register early!
Scoutbook - Get Hands-on Experience

A demonstration environment has been established where you can get a hands-on experience for the new Scoutbook for den leaders without disrupting the real business of your den. Click the learn more button to check it out!

Get “Behind the Scenes” Restaurant Experience where you can uncover your passion for cooking by creating delicious meals! Gain team building & communication skills while being taught by experience chefs! "Get Cooking Today - sign up now!"

Let’s face it, most of us cram our outdoor Scouting activities into a very few months when it’s warm out and the Scouts are not on summer vacation. We do this because it’s COLD outside in the winter. Brrrr...makes you shiver just thinking about it! What if you found out all the tricks of the trade to stay as comfortable in the winter as you do any other time of year? What if you discovered how to THRIVE in the winter outdoors, how to really enjoy all that cold weather camping can provide?
Scouting Safety Moments
Safety Moments (Watch the video by clicking on the image link) is a new weekly feature! Information presented will help you prepare for an activity, review safety measures, and report incidents correctly. They promote and facilitate Youth Leadership on Safety Topics. A newtopic will be published each week. Watch for next week's article on Bunk Bed Safety!
Strong Scout Shop Specials & Events!

Thankful for adventure, thankful for community – show your troop both by going outside this Thanksgiving and celebrating together.  Choose any 3 or more products from our Campsgiving shopping list and receive 20% off of those items! Items include cooking, sleeping, hydration, tents, and many more!! Promotion runs from November 4 th through November 24 th !
Holiday Giving Tree

The Strong Scout Shop is providing an opportunity for the Scouting community to help local Scout members who may be in need of uniforms, uniform items, and other scouting needs! This will be done through the Holiday Giving Tree program starting November 16 th  through December 16 th . Nominate a Scout in need at the Scout Shop between now and November 15 th . Contact Brenda at 585/241-8551 or for more information!
Job Opportunities
Program Specialists: Program Specialists work mainly in an in-school or afterschool setting implementing the Scouting program, and in addition will have responsibilities for Day Camp and Summer Resident camp. There may be situations where Program Specialists will be called upon to assist with special events and other activities.   Read full Job Description

District Executive: Work directly with volunteers, the community and business leaders to provide Scouting's character and leadership development programs to all youth.  Read full Job Description.

Click here to  Learn more about these positions and other opportunities in Scouting.
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