January 14, 2021

Dear Direct Member Representatives:
In 2019, US Youth Soccer’s budget was amended to adopt a $0.50 increase of the per-member registration fee for Fiscal Year 18-19. US Youth Soccer funded this $0.50 increase from all four (4) regions’ reserves for FY ’19, so that no additional payments or fees were required from State Associations (e.g., MSYSA) to US Youth Soccer for FY ’19.

Furthermore, in 2019, US Youth Soccer’s budget was also amended to adopt an additional $0.75 increase of the per-member registration fee for Fiscal Year 19-20. This $0.75 increase for FY ’20 is in addition to the $0.50 increase from FY ‘19. This means that the combined total fee increase is $1.25 per member. 

Although these fee increases from US Youth Soccer were passed onto MSYSA in both FY ’20 and FY ’21, MSYSA did not pass on these per-member registration fee increases to our membership for FY ’20 or FY ’21. Instead, the MSYSA Board of Directors voted to absorb these increase(s) out of MSYSA net reserves.

At the MSYSA 2020 Annual General Meeting, the MSYSA membership voted to approve the FY ’22 budget, which includes a $1.25 fee increase for membership registration. Accordingly, and in order to facilitate the approved FY ’22 budget, the MSYSA Board of Directors voted to add the $1.25 increase to existing registration fees commencing FY ’22.

Please click here for details regarding the fee increases that will be implemented as of FY ’22 (for the 2021-2022 seasonal year). For reference, current MSYSA registration fees (which are also outlined on our 2020-2021 Fee Structure) are shown in the “2020-2021 Fee” column. Future registration fees for 2021-2022, effective for the Fall 2021 season, are shown in the “2021-2022 Fee” column.

Please keep this in mind as you prepare your club or league budgets. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MSYSA State Office.


Thomas Faro
Executive Director

cc.:      MSYSA Board of Directors