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Classes Begin March 20th. Choose from 15 classes at 6 area locations. Age groups include 7-9, 10-12, and 13+.

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Membership covers all fees for the year and comes with many benefits including early registration and two members-only clinics.

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This year's LBL is upgraded to include monthly prizes. Do you have what it takes to win it all?

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Curriculum Refresh

First Tee and our great coaches are continually refining the content of our classes to be more effective. There will be even more improvement this year as we have a refreshed curriculum. Content has been modernized and reorganized to strengthen our age-based programming and keep kids engaged. Click Here if you'd like to see some sample lesson plans for the upcoming year.

Life Skills

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Collaborating w/ Others

The things we say and do matter, and when we show care for how our words and actions can impact others, we demonstrate respect and courtesy.

First Tee participants are encouraged to not only collaborate and work with others, but also to learn from and appreciate both our similarities and our differences.

Our world is filled with opportunities to learn from and Collaborate with Others, while having fun! When we treat one another with respect, we help them to feel valued and important. When we act with courtesy, we show kindness, consideration, and care.

In the game of golf, and in the game of life, we have opportunities to demonstrate respect and courtesy for ourselves, others, and our surroundings each and every day.


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Distance Response

Playing good golf is complicated, but in the end it comes down to two very simple concepts: controlling your distance, and controlling your direction. Good shots contain both of these elements, while mediocre shots have only one, and poor shots have neither.

The best golfers in the world eliminate variables: things that can change from swing to swing. If you wanted to build a robot golfer, you would design it to have the same swing time after time. How then would the robot control its distance?

You could program it to have changing levels of power (swing speed / tempo), or you could modify the length of the backswing from shot to shot. Option two is far easier to master, so this should be our Go-To method when learning Distance Response.

Practice shots with full backswing, 75%, 50%, and 25% lengths. You'll soon develop a good feel for how far each one travels.

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