There's a voice almost everyone's been hearing lately - for some people it's coming through loud and insistent and for others it's still a whisper - telling us "it's never going to be the way it was before."

We may feel uncertain what to do about this message, but it seems obvious that we can't ignore it. How do we meet the truth of these turbulent times with a grace and compassion that does the potential of our humanity justice? How do we step up to create within our own hearts, within our communties, within our countries and our whole world a new way of being where what is contagious among us all is our love, our vital spirit, and our joy?

At the Voice Dialogue Institute we have been faithfully carrying forward the vision of our mentors, Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, that there is more to us humans than our reactivity, our self-ish-ness, and our tendency to always jump into conflict and take sides.

We know first hand from the work we have been doing together for many many years that people can become more than the "sum of their parts" and that they have the capacity, through embracing oppositions as fertile ground for creation, to be the artists and architects we need to bring forth the new way of being we need now.

We hope you will join us in turning over the chaotic ground of this time and planting the seeds of vision we'll need to feed the people we're becoming in the world we are evolving.

Miriam and Cassandra
2022-23 Voice Dialogue Online
Facilitator Training
I am in a state of awe at the subversive, quiet efficacy of this method. In all the inner work I have done, both with traditional therapists and in meditation, I have never encountered something so deeply clarifying.  
I. Johnson
Finally! We have dates for our 2022-23 Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training! Thank you so very much to all of you who have inquired about a training this year and have been so patiently (or not so patiently:) waiting for us to get back to you. A key factor for us in scheduling this new training was deciding whether it might be possible to hold part of it in person, and finally, all things considered, we determined that like the 2020-21, this training will be all online.

Fortunately in our first venture into teaching online, we got up and over the learning curve and got past the experimental stage. It's no longer a question as to whether people can learn to facilitate on Zoom - yes you can! We're amazed and pleased at the depth to which our online training participants are able to go with Voice Dialogue facilitation. Another plus is that we have created a library of 50+ teaching videos to accompany our class time, and we will be making more. Last, but not least, Miriam has finished many sections of The Voice Dialogue Facilitators Handbook, Part II, and as a participant in the training you'll be the first to read the new text.
We'd like to invite you to take a big step 
in this positive direction for your future!

Come Join Us! 
for the
2022-23 Voice Dialogue Online
Facilitator Training

"Miriam Dyak and Cassandra Cosme De Pree provide some of the very best training in Voice Dialogue facilitation available. They are a great teaching team - brilliant, talented, creative and, perhaps best of all, lighthearted. Their Voice Dialogue Institute in the Seattle area offers great teaching programs."
~ Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone, originators of Voice Dialogue
M. Dyak
The 2022-23 Online Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training, beginning in May, will give you access to exactly the kind of transformational tools you need to accomplish big changes for yourself and your clients. Participants in past trainings have been amazed that even long term clients has broken through to an entirely new level of openness, awareness, depth and transformation using this process. (Ask us about CEUs.)
The Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training is also open to individuals who would like to deepen their own process and learn peer facilitation. The principles in this work have been adapted for use in the arts, especially theater, and by teachers, lawyers, mediators, body workers, community organizers, ministers and celebrants to mention just a few. The potential for working with the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego can be of service in every part of your life - personal and professional.
2022- 2023 Cost & OnlineTraining Dates
Cost: $3250

The cost this year is lower than our "earliest bird" discount of previous years. Given how long it's taken us to schedule the training, we hope this special low cost will make it easier for you to decide to join us this year.
2022- 2023
OnlineTraining Dates
We will be meeting on Zoom from May 12, 2022 - February 16, 2023, for a total of 94 hours.

Three (3) Thursdays a month:
  • two Thursdays 3:00-6:00pm Pacific Time (3 hours)
  • one Thursday 3:00-7:00pm Pacific time (4 hours)
for a total of 10 hours per month.

The Online Facilitator Training includes: 

  • 94 hours of online class time
  • 6 Individual 1.5 hour Voice Dialogue sessions (2 with Miriam, 2 with Cassandra, and 2 with senior assistants)
  • Over 50 Training videos to support your learning
  • Handouts for each topic of study
  • Several experienced Assistants to support your training process
  • All classes will be recorded (and shared only with participants)
  • Ongoing support by phone or email between classes

Please NoteRequired Materials and CECs are purchased separately.
Want to hear from people who have taken a Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training? View here:
Kristin 2
Class size is small - a maximum of 12 people - and may fill up quickly, so if you are interested in registering, please call (425)753-2490 or email Cassandra to request an application. Once we receive your filled out application, we'll arrange a Zoom interview with you. At the interview we'll want to answer your questions about the training and also find out more about your desires and intentions for the course. Once those questions have been answered and it feels like a good fit to all three of us, then you'll need to send in your $500 deposit to become official registered for the Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training.

Full payment is due April 15th unless you have arranged a payment plan. Call Cassandra at 425-753-2490 or email.
Our website for 2022 isn't quite ready for you, but we are! We are currently in the process of updating several sections of the Institute's training website, but you can still find extensive information about the Training Program by scrolling to the bottom of this page: Facilitator Training (Please note: The information on this page will give you a basic idea of what we'll you'll be learning, however it does not address the fact that the class will be online.)

Miriam & Cassandra with our wonderful 2020 Training Assistants
What participants in our first online program had to say about the Facilitator Training:
"I was surprised to feel how much connection can happen in a session with someone over a screen." 

"I really enjoyed the teaching style of Miriam and Cassandra. I loved how much the class was led by our (the students) curiosities, questions and feedback. 

I enjoyed that quality of consciousness and humor both teachers expressed, it was like receiving a transmission of sorts, to be with and hear the perspectives from two masterful humans. I loved the syllabus, the way the subjects flowed from one to the next."

"It was so good to work online since this is how most of my facilitations are being done these days."

"The video demos are a great source of learning for me and these were really well done/easy to watch and learn key points."  

The intimacy of working over Zoom - Energetic perception and resonance through online medium pleasantly surprised me."

"Loved the continued connection. The consistency was INCREDIBLE!"

"It was a great opportunity to observe both of you facilitating in the videos."
"Miriam and Cassandra's 
enthusiasm, joy, patience, depth of knowledge and experience that they offered each and every week. I am amazed by the amount of content, the depth and breadth that was covered. 

"The videos were helpful. I loved them. It was nice to receive the content ahead of time, to be steeping in it before class...
The great thing is that we can go back and watch them for clarification."

As a newbie I definitely felt like I was just beginning to scratch the surface. As I witnessed the other students who had taken this before, I quickly learned that it can take years and extensive practice to continue to learn and understand the depth of possibilities with Voice Dialogue. I am so appreciative of the level of experiences that was apparent and that each of us is learning from where we are at." 

"It was surprising how well the practices and demos could teach even though not in person.  It was amazing how the two of you transformed the course to Zoom."

"I am visual and loved to see the demos."
If you have a friend or colleague who might be interested in participating this year, please let us know and we will include them in our first public mailing announcing the 2022 training.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 
Warmest Wishes,
Miriam & Cassandra
Cassandra: 425-753-2490 Miriam: 206-932-1151
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