Registration for 2020 Banff Marathon
Opens August 20th! Photo Gallery, Contest Winners

Exclusive registration for the 2020 Banff Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K opens on August 20th for all previous participants! General registration opens on August 21st. We hope to see you next year on June 21st, 2020 - mark your calendars! This year's event sold out in record time so please register early to book your spot!

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Photo Gallery

The 2019 Banff Marathon Photo Gallery is open for viewing! Check out some of the amazing images and memories from the day in this beautiful Banff National Park. Many of these shots have been captured by Pam Doyle (

Participant Photos! Capture your great racing moments! Preserve the memory and get your fantastic photos. By clicking below you will be taken to the Marathon Photos website. In the top search bar labeled " Find your race " type in "Banff Marathon", then click on " 2019 Banff Marathon " in the drop down menu, then simply enter your name or bib number to see your photos.

Instagram Photo Winner
Thanks to everyone who tagged event photos to #banffmarathon on Instagram. There are some great shots if you want to check them out.

And the winner is: @ fyoosh !!!

Please contact us for your beautiful prize.
Banff Marathon is Carbon Neutral!

As part of the Banff Marathon's commitment to sustainability and being the Greenest Marathon on the Planet, the event is once again carbon neutral! This is accomplished thanks to our sustainability partners Brightspot Climate and Walker Environmental who calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the event and offsetting them with carbon credits to make the event carbon neutral.

An Intimate Relationship - As Banff Marathon participants run through a series of incredible natural, wildlife, and historical stages in Canada’s first national park, they are reminded of our intimate relationship with the environment. It is a symbiotic relationship. One which requires love, care, and respect. While the environment doesn’t need us, we need the environment. Not only to explore all it has to offer, but simply to survive. For this reason, the Banff Marathon continues to push boundaries and lead by example in sustainability. It’s why “the most beautiful run on the planet” is now also the Read More...
Interpretive Station Passport Contest -
Winners Announced

The winners of the Interpretive Station Passport contest have been announced. Thanks to everyone who collected stamps and entered the contest. Each stamp on the race bib represented the wildlife, natural and historical interpretive stations/themes of Banff National Park. Here are the winners:

-Free VIP Entry, any distance in the 2020 Banff Marathon to Harold Scott
-A Banff Marathon commemorative clothing package to Kate Adams
-Banff National Park commemorative souvenirs to Jodie Fernquist
10K Finisher Medals

If you would still like to order a 10K Finisher Medal, we have ordered a few extras. Please click below to order:

Banff Marathon
Interpretive Station #10 - JB Harkin
Each Aid Station in the Banff Marathon also serves as an interpretive station! Station #10 is the JB Harkin where the run journey finishes in famous and picturesque downtown Banff. JB Harkin – first commissioner of Canada’s National Parks, formed the national parks service in 1911. Harkin promoted conservation as well as enjoyment of the parks, encouraging visitors to experience their surroundings believing it was good for health and vitality. Learn more about the interpretive stations and Banff National Park by clicking here: 
Thank You Sponsors

A big thank you to all of our sponsors listed below that help make this event possible. These are likeminded people and organizations that share your interests and beliefs in a healthy lifestyle. Please support their products and services whenever possible: