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Motivational Interviewing Training Series
"The Spirit & Skills of MI"
(CEU and CASAC credits available through this training series)
with Cheryl Martin
“All change is self-change, to which clinicians are sometimes privileged witnesses and facilitators”
           --from Motivational Interviewing, Helping People Change, 2013 
Over the past few years there has been increased attention on Motivational Interviewing as an evidenced-based practice that supports both engagement and change. MI is a “way of being with others” that can strengthen relationships and open the door to behavior change. MI is collaborative and empathetic, while recognizing and honoring the autonomy of every individual. When the spirit and skills of MI are fully embraced, safety and trust can grow. The person receiving MI is viewed as the expert about her/himself and it is the counselor’s responsibility to evoke and listen deeply to the ideas and beliefs of that person, because it is their perspective and values that will support the change that is being sought.
Day 1: "The Spirit of MI" | Thursday, September 13, 2018
During this training we will explore the relationship between Trauma- Responsive Care (TRC) and Motivational Interviewing skills/interventions that support a safe and trusting environment. At a deeper level, we will look at how the “way of being” of MI engages others and guides them towards the changes/goals they are seeking.

Topics Covered: What is Motivational Interviewing; Guiding Style; Righting Reflex; The Spirit of MI; Four fundamental processes of MI; Five key communication skills; What is engaging?; What is focusing?; Exchanging information; Elicit-Provide-Elicit  
Registration Fee: $150 (for full-day training) | $270 for both days
*Scholarship assistance is available. Please contact Kathy King, Training Coordinator
at 585.613.7632 or email  for more information.

*CEU and CASAC credits available through this training
Day 2: "The Skills of MI" | Tuesday, October 2, 2018
This training will build upon the Motivational Interviewing Day 1: "The Spirit of MI" which will be presented on September 13th. This training is ideal for those who completed Day 1, have basic knowledge of MI, and/or are intersted in a refresher.

This training provides learners an opportunity to analyze practice. There will be demonstration and practice that enhances the ability to differentiate between change talk and commitment language. There will be a focus on strengthening the skills of eliciting and shaping change/commitment talk. 

Topics Covered: Evoking, Planning, and MI in everyday practice. 
Registration Fee: $150 (for full-day training) | $270 for both days
*Scholarship assistance is available. Please contact Kathy King, Training Coordinator
at 585.613.7632 or email  for more information.

*CEU and CASAC credits available through this training
9:00am to 4:00pm
(Registration/Check-in at 8:30am)

Training Location
Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI)
Trainings Include: Practical handouts and reference materials
Coffee, Tea, & Water| Catered Lunch
There are a limited number of spots available and we urge those interested to register early.  
Cheryl is currently working as an Integrated Health Trainer and Clinical Consultant for Coordinated Care Services, Inc. where she has developed curriculum and provided training and/or coaching for health care providers, schools, human services and criminal justice on a variety of topics including: motivational interviewing (MI), SBIRT, trauma and trauma responsive services, person-centered planning, parenting, co-occurring disorders, and substance use disorders. Cheryl is a NYS OASAS Motivational Interviewing (MI), Clinical Supervision Foundations II and SBIRT trainer. She has been a member of Motivational Interviewing Network Trainers (MINT) since 2004 and a Motivational Interviewing Assessment Supervisory Tools for Enhancing Proficiency (MIA: STEP) trainer for the NIDA Blending Initiative. Cheryl Martin has a BSN in Nursing, MA in Psychology and over 40 years of experience as an RN. Her nursing experience includes 13 years in surgery and medicine as well as 27 years in behavioral health. She earned a Trauma Certificate from the University of Buffalo, School of Social Work and is also a Certified Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor.