May 13, 2021

Starting on May 30, we are transitioning from online-only worship to hybrid worship. If you would like to attend our hybrid worship service in person, we are requiring registration for attendance. The link to register will go live during our online worship service this coming Sunday, May 16.
I encourage you to join us for our online worship this Sunday, to get first access to the link. Later, the link will be available on Facebook, our website, and in next week’s newsletter. This link will enable you to request a reservation for in-person attendance at the service on May 30 and all of the services in June.
Our process of transitioning to hybrid worship will take place in stages. Our initial in-person services will require that attendance is at a limited capacity. Thank you so much for your patience and grace as we move into this new phase of reopening our building!
You may be wondering: What exactly is hybrid worship? I am glad you asked!
Hybrid worship means that we are worshipping in-person and online at the same time. As you may recall, we were already livestreaming our in-person worship services, prior to the pandemic. Over the past 14 months, the quality of the online worship experience greatly improved, compared to our pre-pandemic days. Our goal is to maintain this higher quality of video production going forward, however, this does pose some challenges that we will learn to adapt to, as we slowly return to having in-person worship and also navigate safety measures to minimize the risk of exposure to Covid-19.
As you prepare to rejoin us in person, the experience will likely be similar to being part of a live studio audience. Once we get accustomed to hybrid worship, we will make adjustments so that our filming process will become less obtrusive for our in-person worship participants.
If you would like to attend in person, there will be a simple online form for you to fill out. The registration will be done through Breeze, but you do not have to have an established Breeze profile to register, this registration is open to all. Alternative registration arrangements can be made for those without Internet access, by calling the church office.
When you register to attend the service, you can let us know which services you’d like to attend from May 30 through the month of June. Please note, this does not immediately guarantee a spot in the services you select. After you sign up, you will receive a phone call from a member of the Covid response team, to notify you of the procedures for attendance. 
I know that the registration process is a bit complicated, but I assure you it is very helpful to the team in charge of re-opening the building. Please keep in mind, this registration process is temporary. We fully anticipate being able to operate at full capacity, without registration for attendance, as the Covid-19 situation continues to improve in our area.
Again, thank you so much for your love and grace in the process. I am so excited to be seeing you in person soon!
Please stay tuned to the weekly email and the announcements in worship over the coming weeks, as these are the best places to get more updates and information.
Do you want to help us prepare to reopen the church building? Join us on Saturdays May 15, May 22, and May 29, for volunteer days! We will be at the church from 8:00 a.m. to noon each Saturday. Bring your yard work and cleaning supplies, we’ll be happy to see you and grateful for the help!


You are loved
Rev. Jakob

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You are Loved,
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