Dear L4GA Grant Applicants and Innovative School Systems,

In partnership with GADOE, we are developing an L4GA/Literacy leadership and implementation cohort training for teams of leaders from systems who are awarded the new grant this summer (JUNE). You do not have to be an L4GA system to register.

We have contracted with one of the premier instructional trainers in the nation, Sherry St. Clair, to design and lead this 5-day cohort training, beginning in August of 2020.


Training Dates are:
Day 1: August 24, Macon, GA (Note: In light of the COVID-19 uncertainties, Day 1 will no longer be at the Summer GAEL Conference in Jekyll Island on July 15)
Day 2-3: September 16-17, Macon, GA
Day 4-5: February 9-10, Macon, GA

You can learn more details from the flyer below, and of course, you are welcome to contact me any time at or 470-765-7617.

Our goal is simple:

To make sure that leadership capacity in raising literacy outcomes in your community OUTLASTS THE GRANT!

Wishing you all a safe and healthy spring and summer, and we hope to have you join us in the fall!

Buddy Costley, GAEL Executive Director
Registration for the 
2020-2021 GAEL L4GA/Literacy 
Leadership Institute
opens May 8, 2020!

Nationally-Renowned Instructional Leader and Author 
 is Partnering with GAEL for the 
"GAEL L4GA/Literacy Leadership Institute"


1. The L4GA/Literacy Leadership Institute Training will be open to any school system who wants to focus on improving literacy outcomes in its community, whether you are a L4GA system or a system who just wants to build leadership capacity and literacy growth in your community! 

2. Awards for new L4GA grant recipients will be voted on by the State Board of Education IN JUNE. (THIS NEW DATE WAS ANNOUNCED BY GADOE ON 4-29-2020)

3. The leadership training is a 5-Day system cohort training. System teams of School and District Office Administrators, Instructional and Graduation Coaches, and Teacher leaders are encouraged to attend.

Projected Dates for the training are:

Day 1 (Kickoff):  August 24 in Macon (Anderson Center).

Day 2-3: September 16-17 in Macon, GA (Anderson Center). 

Day 4-5: February 9-10, 2021, in Macon, GA (Anderson Center). 

We are proud to partner with  Sherry St. Clair, who will design and lead capacity-building training for our cohorts!

The training is designed for ongoing support and collaboration within your school system as well as with other school systems in your region, providing 5 Days of professional learning annually for cohort teams from your school system.

Institute Focus (REVISED April, 2020)
  • 5-Days of Leader-Capacity and Implementation Training Per Year for the Grant:
  • Building leadership capacity so that best practices last beyond the grant funds
  • Instructional Leadership and Data Analysis around Literacy Outcomes: Alignment, Rigor, Curriculum Implementation, Monitoring, Collaboration/PL, and Support
  • Implementation of assessments for data collection required by L4GA grant (PALS-PreK, Reading Inventory, Dibels, and others). While L4GA systems are required to use these assessments as part of the grant, our training is program agnostic, and we will help school systems leverage whatever resources they are using.
  • How to "Coach" capacity with all stakeholders.
  • Building Community Partnerships and leveraging resources to help families and the whole child with literacy outcomes.
  • Climate and Culture and Social-Emotional frameworks to support the improvement of literacy outcomes.
Fee for 5 Days of Leadership Training per participant is $2100 (per year) to be paid from L4GA grant funds, federal stimulus funds, or other professional development fund sources.

Registration Per Person Includes:
  • 5 Full Days of Personal Training/Coaching from Sherry St. Clair and Reflective Learning and GADOE officials.
  • Training materials, books, and supplies. All members will also receive a copy of Sherry St. Clair's book: COACHING REDEFINED, a new classic on the art of instructional leadership.
  • Training facility expenses and Training-Site Meals (does not include travel costs such as hotel, mileage, or meal reimbursement)
  • SPECIAL BONUS: One-year membership to GAEL and the choice of membership in one affiliate or associate organization (GAESP, GAMSP, GASSP, GACIS, G-CASE, GASPA, GSSA, SSTAGE, GELFA)
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Conference registration to Summer GAEL in July is included as a bonus if members desire to attend the conference before the kickoff training. Attendance at the Summer GAEL Conference is not required, but we hope to see you there and get to know you. Sherry St. Clair will be there as well, and you can meet her in advance. Once your team members register for the L4GA Institute on or after May 8, we will contact each member to manually register him/her for the Summer GAEL Conference if desired.
REMINDER: You do not have to be an L4GA School System to register for the training.

4. For information about the actual grant application process and requirements, contact GADOE: