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November 13,  2016

Our prices remain constant and we still have the Monthly Membership option available.

Whether you sign up for the monthly option or the 8 month program registration is now open to all members.

Spread out your membership over the full year and save.

The OTC monthly membership fee is only
$60.00 per month (this includes HST).

             Let's Compare our 2018 program prices with two annual options:               

            Cast Iron/TTP        $499.00                 Cast Iron/TTP     $499.00        
             HST                     $  64.87                  HST                 $  64.87
             Total                    $563.87                 Total                 $563.87
            TDF/Yoga/Spin       $179.00                 TriFit/PreHab     $194.60          
             HST                     $  23.27                  HST                  $  25.29
             Total                    $202.27                 Total                 $219.89
             Yearly                  $766.27                 Yearly                $783.76  

With the monthly membership option you would only pay $720 for the whole year.  You will sign up to reserve your spot and then we will contact you in January to set up the monthly debit from your account.

 That almost getting one free month. 

And as is past years you would  still qualify for a $50 discount  if you
decide to sign up for any other dryland programs in the Winter or the Fall sessions.

                           Your 1 year package will include distinct 3 phases:
January - May 2018 - Winter Base and Build Training
  • Choice between a weekday TTP or weekend Cast Iron program.  
  • Unlimited drop-ins to either of these classes (based on availability)
  • In-class triathlon education sessions
  • Flashy Team OTC tech your teammates can pick you out even as you speed past
May - August 2018 - Spring and Summer Race Training
Continuation of TTP program with emphasis on specific race skills
  • Transitions
  • Speedwork
  • Bike skills
  • Race and Nutrition Strategies
September - December 2018 - Offseason Recovery, Repair, and Improvement
Choice between TDF, Spin, TriFit, Yoga, PreHab or Continuation TTP* classes
  • Two different spin classes will be scheduled, Tour de France and Just Spin It.  Unlimited weekly drop-ins between between these two for those that choose Spin (based on availability)
  • Further discounted price if multiple choices are desired
  • *Continuation of the TTP Fall program will have a supplemental cost as this is a two hour program.
Membership also includes: 
  • Workshops covering various topics such as nutrition, mobility, bike maintenance, etc. 
  • In-store discounts at Bushtukah, Fresh Air, and Aqua Sport
  • Access to discounted athletic therapy provided by head coach Jenn Bushell R.Kin., MS, CAT(C), ATC,  Certified Athletic Therapist
  • Access to discounted personal coaching provided by select certified coaches
  • Continuation of all the other activities, events, and perks you've come to love and expect from the OTC:
  • Member led event/races
  • time trials
  • social events
  • weekend training camps
  • discussion boards
  • online education
Today - TTP Registration opens for all OTC members regardless to program choice.

November 20 - TTP Registration opens to the general public.
November 27 - Spin Only registration Opens
Head over to the message board to register today.
PreHab and TriFit programming registration coming soon

We're looking forward to welcoming back all our friends and some new ones too. 

                         Year End Party

Join all your OTC friends and family for this years Year End Party on Saturday, December 9 at the Carleton Tavern from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Help us honor all 2017 OTiS qualifiers as we present them with the their coveted OTiS shirt they worked so hard for.  

Draw prizes from Somersault, Bushtukah, Velofix and more plus our pool tournament and of course chicken wings.

Prior to the Year End Party we will be having our gear exchange at the studio from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.  Have something you no longer need, post it on the message board and bring it to the studio beforehand.

Don't miss it, either one.

Coming Events

November 13 -  TTP Registration opens for all members

November 18 - Night Lights Run

November 19 - ORC Free Run

November 20 -  TTP Registration opens to the public

December 9 -  Year End Party

December 17 - OTC Swim Meet
January 4 - New member night                                 

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