Hello Learners Chess Parents and Friends!

We hope you all had a wonderful summer and your kids are getting back into a healthy school year routine!

We are pleased to announce that we have most of our after school programs set up for this school year. We are waiting to hear back on some details from a few schools and if your school's chess club registration is not yet open on our website, you can check in with us or the school about the status of the club for this school year.

We are still actively working to set up a few more new clubs. If you are interested in helping us get a club going at your school, please do contact us by replying to this email.

A bit more about this year's programs: We are working hard as coaches to continue improving our skills and the lessons we use to engage all levels of our students in our school year clubs. We have updated many of our chess puzzle sheets and we have awesome prizes for our chess club participants!
Also, a note on our coaches: Coach Christian is back this school year! Our other coaches will be Coach Jason, Coach Doug, Coach Kyle, Coach Jack, Coach Justin, Coach Tyler, Coach Willow, Coach Eric, Coach Ryan, Coach Trevor, and of course Coach Victor, and a few new assistant coaches as well!

We are still working on coordinating their schedules, but we are working to keep the same coaches in the same clubs as last year as much as possible. If you have a specific curiosity about who will be coaching your child's club, please feel free to reply to this email and ask.
Did you see us in this magazine?

Our program was featured as a small business success story in Kiplinger Magazine this summer!

Check out the full article here.
Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!

Coach Victor Lopez
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