Advancing Public Health: Our Health in Times of COVID
Responding to the Impact of HIV, HCV, and STIs
in our Communities
The three-day virtual training institute will focus on responding to HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs, stigma and other health issues in Hispanic/Latinx communities in the times of COVID-19. The overall goal is to advance our public health response, improve the sustainability of organizations and strengthen programs that serve our communities as we also recognize and address the current challenges.

Visit our website to review the program and register for the workshops.

Day 1: Open Plenary
Opening plenary and welcome from national leaders, researchers and health officials focusing on the continued work around HIV, viral hepatitis, and STIs as our communities to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Day 2: Educational Workshops
A series of workshops dealing with the intersectionality of HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs, mental health, substance use and COVID-19

Day 3: Capacity Building Workshops
Workshops focused on capacity building and the experiences of community engagement
Any questions about Reunion Latina please contact the Director of Reunion Latina Training Institute, Luciano Reberte via email at