2020 Virtual Symposium
Celebrating Healthy Communities,
in Full Bloom.
As the summer webinar series presented throughout the summer, the culmination of community efforts features
the many ways Communities in Bloom has
contributed to community health and well-being,
socially, environmentally and economically.

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Scotts Symposium
Kick-Off! with Frankie Flowers

September 23, 2020
1:00-1:50pm EDT 

Join us for our first Webinar featuring Canada’s most popular and trusted gardening expert and weatherman Frankie Flowers! Sponsored by Scotts Canada. This 30-minute webinar will be followed by a live Q&A period with Frankie.
Bloomin' Happy Hour
with Communities in Bloom

September 23, 2020
2:00-3:00pm EDT

Grab your CiB themed cocktails and snacks (recipes will be shared in advance) for an early happy hour hosted by CiB Board Chair and Landscape Architect Paul Brydges, as well as CiB Past Chair and National CiB judge Bob Lewis. Let's chat about the renewed energy and new collaboration with CNLA to enhance the vision of CiB – and how we need your help to make each street, each playground, each community, across Canada and around the world a cleaner, healthier and greener place to live, work and play!
Green Infrastructure:
Rain Gardens, Bioswales, Permeable Pavers & Urban Forests

September 24, 2020
1:00-1:50pm EDT

Storm water management is becoming an increasingly pressing issue for cities as our climate warms and weather patterns become more erratic. Rain gardens and other green infrastructure are designed to manage storm water and help our environment with style! This seminar will examine the issues around storm water management and how these structures can help make our cities liveable for the long term.
Backyard Garden

September 24, 2020
2:00-2:30pm EDT

In the midst of a global pandemic, one municipality found an innovative, eco-friendly way to unite the community and help fight food insecurity. As the first municipality in Canada to launch this innovative green initiative in response to COVID-19, hear from program chair Doug Whillans, Brampton City Councillor for Wards 2 & 6, share how this idea came to fruition and how the community responded.
Protect your communities investment in green infrastructure with the Canadian Landscape Standard - Second Edition

September 24, 2020
2:45-3:30pm EDT

Professionally designed, installed, maintained and managed green infrastructure and nature-based solutions must be part of climate change adaptation planning. The Canadian Landscape Standard Second Edition (CLS SE) defines landscape industry best practices and is a tool for land developers, Municipal Parks and Public Works staff, landscape architects, and landscape designer’s. Bring your questions, and learn more about how your community can use the newly launched Second Edition of the Canadian Landscape Standard!
Canada’s (only) Elevated Railway Park:
How the St. Thomas community created an International Placemaking & Cultural Heritage Destination entirely with public donations!

September 30, 2020
1:00-1:50pm EDT

In a highly visual guided slide show, Serge Lavoie takes us through the vision and the multiple narratives of this unique project: place-making, community development, tourism, heritage preservation, naturalization of industrial spaces, and crowd funding financing. This is a project with all the ambition of The High Line, minus the $265 million budget.
and Communities in Bloom

September 30, 2020
2:00-3:00pm EDT

The 6 judging categories within the CiB grid have amazing similarities to the principles inherent in placemaking that help create places and spaces that make our communities safer, more liveable and help drive economic success. Presenters will demonstrate how attention to these principles create places that people want to go to and stay longer!
What Drives Community Success?

October 1, 2020
1:00-1:50pm EDT

Political Leaders from across Canada discuss the impacts that longer-term participation in Communities in Bloom has had on their community and what positive changes are now present in their community as a result.
Youth Involvement: Interest in Sustainable Communities

October 1st, 2020
2:00-3:00pm EDT

This session will explore how to engage the very active interest that today’s youth have about concern for climate change, our outdoor environments and wanting to make a difference. Examples of how to engage and sustain interest by youth in your community and within your CiB Committee will be presented.
The Battle with Invasives:
Are we going to let them Win?

October 7th, 2020
1:00-1:50pm EDT

More and more species are appearing that require attention to detail and persistence to avoid negative results. Join our advocates as they share their experiences.
Contributing to the tourism appeal of your community

October 7th, 2020
2:00-3:00pm EDT

Join Michel Gauthier with the Canadian Garden Council and Dave Cowen with Butchart Gardens as they profile Canada’s outstanding gardens along Canada’s Garden Route. Find out how your community can use Canada's Garden Route as a marketing tool, how your community can be listed on Canada’s Garden Route to enhance your Garden Tourism appeal!
CiB National Awards & Community Showcase

October 8th, 2020
1:00-3:00pm EDT

We are excited to be featuring the 2020 Communities in Bloom Special Edition Participants along with the announcements of the Outstanding Achievement Awards Winners during this webinar!

Join us to "virtually congratulate" our winners at this years ceremony.

The ceremony is open to all Canadian & International Communities - come and be inspired, and learn more about Communities in Bloom!
Town Hall
Wrap-up Event

October 9th, 2020
11:00am-12:00pm EDT

Following a long-standing tradition, a moderator will invite participants to exchange information on best practices, lessons learned and to address challenges facing the programs in their respective communities.

October 9th, 2020 Immediately following
the Town Hall

Join us for an exciting international showcase, hosted by Dr. Andrea Bocsi, International CiB Judge from Hungary, featuring our resilient international communities and how they have remained in full bloom this year!

This international presentation
is sponsored Ball. 
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