Registration is now open for the Convention to Elect the 10 th Bishop of Minnesota, which will be held on Saturday, January 25th at 9am at St. Mark's Cathedral in Minneapolis.

All Certified Lay Delegates and Canonically Resident Clergy must register in order to vote at the Electing Convention.

Unlike Annual Convention, each delegate must register themselves individually. Additionally, each order of delegates has their own registration form. This ensures that the Committee on Credentials, which oversees this process, is able to get the most accurate contact information, and is able to validate each of the registered delegates individually.

Please note: there is NO FEE for the electing convention, and lunch will be provided at no cost.

Click on the links below to get further details about registration and to register today.
Canonically Resident Clergy Delegate Registration
Please click the link below to see the list for all clergy who a) are canonically resident in ECMN and b) fulfill the criteria set forth from Constitution 7-B-8-b. If you are a canonically resident clergy person, you can register by clicking the button below.
Certified Lay Delegate Registration
Please click the link below to see the list of Certified Lay Delegates and Alternates organized by Mission Area and Faith Community by City.

Alternates, DO NOT register unless you are filling in for a Certified Lay Delegate .

If you are a certified lay delegate, you can register by clicking the button below.
If a Faith Community discovers that they do not have enough Lay Delegates and Alternates due to attrition, follow the directions in Canon 207.5 for Vacancies by filling out this form . This form will need to be completed by January 13, 2020 to effect the change from Alternate to Delegate. If that isn't possible, please let Karen Olson know. Please note that the form requires your Priest or Senior Warden’s signature.

To ensure an orderly process, only approved Canonically Resident Clergy and Certified Lay Delegates, along with those non-voters credentialed to perform roles required in the election of a Bishop, will be allowed on the floor of Convention.

The Convention to Elect the X Bishop of Minnesota will be live-streamed, with clear instructions for watching the livestream shared in advance of the convention. Plan a watching party in your Faith Community or Mission Area! Limited space for Alternates will be set aside away from the floor of Convention but on the grounds of the Cathedral.  

If you have any further questions about the matters addressed in this notice, or any other matter pertaining to the election and certification of delegates, please email Karen Olson at or call me at (612) 870-3312.
Karen B. Olson
Missioner for Ministry & Secretary of Convention
Episcopal Church in Minnesota