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for Fall Festival 2023

Monday, October 23rd -

Wednesday, October 25th

at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly

Black Mountain, NC

So be sure to download by clicking on the highlighted FALL FESTIVAL REGISTRATION FORM below and sign up.

Deadline Friday September 29, 2023

Click the link below to download and print the Fall Festival registration Form.

There is a lot of information on this years 2 page registration form.


Fill out and Mail with Check to:

Laura Kamperman our 2023 Fall Festival Chairman. Laura's information is included on the form.

Event registration fee is $20/person

And Call

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly

at (828) 669-8422 to reserve a room.

Lodging is $184 (per room) for 2 nights

Meals are $84 (per person)

(More details and options on Registration Form)

  • Fall Festival begins on Oct. 23 with check-in taking place at YMCA Blue Ridge Conference Center Lobby between 2:00-3:30 pm.
  • Monday evening begins with a dinner at YMCA Blue Ridge and a special ceremony of renaming the Region Room!
  • Tues. Oct. 24 morning program all together. Afternoon full of choice activities...see the form.
  • Tuesday night we will have be announced!
  • Wednesday Oct. 25 after breakfast our annual YMCA Alumni member meeting.

Looking forward to seeing lots of old friends and making new ones at our YMCA Alumni Fall Festival!


... I don't drive as well as I once did, transportation is a challenge.

... I have mobility issues and not sure I could navigate very well at YMCA Blue Ridge conference center.

... My budget is a little tight and doesn't include enough funds for the Fall Festival.

Maybe we can help!!!

The Weatherford YMCA Alumni Chapter wants to insure that all of our members have the opportunity to experience the fun, fellowship and share memories during our annual Fall Festival!

We have established a Helping Hands initiation to assist those facing hardships and challenges that might prevent them from attending. The process is easy, just email your contact information along with a short statement how we might be able to help to . Someone will be in touch to discuss the possibilities. All inquiries are confidential. Let us know how we can extended a helping hand!!!


We are excited that the former Region Room, where the Weatherford Chapter Annual Meetings have been held since 1970 will officially become the YMCA ALUMNI WEATHERFORD CHAPTER ROOM

at a special ceremony of dedication and thanks on Monday evening, October 23rd during our Annual Fall Festival.

Chuck Harris and Clark Baker spearheaded the effort to raise the $75,000 needed to rename the Region Room. Thirty-two gifts were received totaling more than $54,000. at our last Fall Festival, Coke and Molly Clark and sons stepped up to say "let us make up the shortfall!"

Coke and Molly, in addition to being longtime active members of the Weatherford Chapter, have a long relationship with YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly. Coke's history with the "Mountain" goes back to his childhood when he would accompany his father's frequent visits to Blue Ridge to provide counsel to Dr. Weatherford and direct the Leader's School conference. He and Mollie have continued these annual trips and involvement throughout his professional life and in retirement years. What a generous and wonderful way to honor both YMCA Blue Ridge and the YMCA Alumni Weatherford Chapter!

We are so grateful to all those who helped make this possible and especially to Coke and Molly for taking us over the top!!

PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND THE FALL FESTIVAL ON OCTOBER 23-25 and be a part of this historic occasion!

Submitted by Charles Cleveland

Message from Bill and Nancy Reece Weatherford Chapter Presidents

December 31, 2023 will bring an end to our service as chapter presidents for the Weatherford chapter. It has been such a joy to serve together and see the change, growth and new members coming into the chapter. One of the things we hear most often when new people come to one of our events, whether it's fall festival, spring fling, or an ambassador's luncheon, is that there is a spirit of caring, respect, and honor for each member that they rarely see in other organizations. It's something we've all come to treasure.

One of the ways we've seen that played out is through our caring connection program. This is how our chapter reaches out to members who are unable to attend an event, find out how they're doing, who may be sick or in need. With their permission, we lift those people up in prayer requests, send cards and support in various ways. Bill and I recently experienced this in July and August when through a freak accident in a golf cart, I broke my arm. My radius was in eight pieces and my ulna in two. After a three-hour surgery, it's been a long recovery and tough physical therapy road. Yet through it all, we have been lifted in prayer by our chapter friends and received calls of encouragement, cards, and support.

Being a member of YMCA Alumni isn't just about coming to events and reconnecting or having a fun new experience. It's about community. It's about people who care. It's about people who reach out to make a difference when someone's in need. It’s the YMCA in action.

Hope to see you on the Mountain October 23-25.

FYI - Plans are underway for the

2024 Spring Fling to be held in Lexington Kentucky!

Membership Approves Revision of Bylaws

Thanks to all the members who voted on our bylaw revisions in June. The final count was 69 yeses with 1 abstention. The changes go into effect January 1, 2024. Strategic changes included:


 (1) Under our current bylaws, there were 8 elected officers and 7 appointed committee chairs that serve as members. In addition, 2 other task force chairs attend board meetings. With spouses, this led to the potential of 32 people at board meetings. The 2024 bylaw revision now lists a minimum of 7 positions on the board (Article IV, sec. 2).

       The position president elect is eliminated. The chapter had not been doing this and the nomination process serves us well in identifying this person.

        A new position of vice president of service will work with their committee formed by the chairs of world service, EAF, ISC, and the National Service Project(NSP). The task force chairs and committee chairs will no longer serve on the board effective January.

       The newsletter editor will now be elected by the membership and would be the 8th member(with spouse) of the board. (Art 5; Sec 4)


(2) in 2024, there will be 3 committees, membership, program, and service. Those serving as ambassador coordinator and care and concern will be included on the membership committee. The Program committee will assist with planning and execution of fall and spring programs. (Art V; Sec. 4; Art, IX)


(3) Article IX includes changes of language to accommodate the new committees of program, service, and membership. Article X includes new language to clarify other chapter roles.

Membership Message from Chair Molly McGregor

Membership Committee Forming

Molly McGregor, Membership Chair is asking for volunteers to help out with the Membership Committee as per the new bylaws. This is to assist in the coordination of the Ambassador Program and Care & Concern Program.  

If you are interested in reaching out to your fellow retirees, setting up gatherings from around the South East, encouraging retirees to join Weatherford or welcoming New Members to Weatherford (Ambassadors Program).  

Or if you are interested in reaching out to Weatherford Members who need assistance from their fellow members, or prayers for healing from all of us, (Care and Concern Program) please contact Molly McGregor at or call 205-919-5239.

Hey Folks:

If you have changed your address, phone numbers or emails, for you and your spouse, will you please send the corrections ASAP to Molly McGregor at . We want to be able to stay in touch with you. The only time we get changes is when you renew! Help me out please!



For nearly a century the Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) has provided financial aid when an accident, illness, death of a loved one, disaster or other crisis strikes. Funded by the very people it helps, EAF is possible through the generous contributions of active and retired YMCA professionals.

Through June 30th members of the Weatherford Chapter have made 18 donations totaling $6,195 to help provide much needed financial assistance to our colleagues experiencing difficult and challenging times.

If you have not yet made your donation please click on follow the prompt to make a donation. Make sure you include Weatherford Chapter in the YMCA affiliation space. 

Chapter Luncheon Program Growing

During an April 2022 zoom call with chapter presidents throughout the country it was determined that three chapters were conducting luncheons for YMCA Alumni Members. There were also other YMCA retiree non-members attending these luncheons. During that zoom six other chapters committed to begin a luncheon program. The Weatherford Chapter was on of the six chapters.

Fast forward to the results of a survey regarding YMCA Alumni Luncheons and we find that from Fall of 2022 through July 2023 the following are luncheon results:

  • The Weatherford Chapter has held 3 luncheons: 2 in Winston Salem, NC and 1 in Charlotte, NC
  • Luncheons are currently being planned for Nashville, TN and Lexington, KY
  • During the past year here are luncheon results from chapters around the country:
  • 23 luncheons held
  • 10 states held luncheons
  • 16 cities held luncheons
  • 328 people attended luncheons
  • 11 of 17 chapters have committed to holding luncheons in 2024

Why are having chapter luncheons catching on? First, think of the geographical service area of our own Weatherford Chapter. We are in 8 states (VA,NC,SC, GA, TN, AL, MS, KY) plus the Florida Panhandle and E. Louisiana. That's a large chapter area. Members drive a significant distance to attend a chapter gathering. And many do.

Wouldn't it be nice for a chapter member to only have to drive an hour or less to attend a luncheon and visit with Y friends and colleagues.

Think of the state where you live. What city would be a great choice to have a luncheon with between 5 and 20 YMCA colleagues attending? What are the steps to make a luncheon a reality in your city? Some of the work has already been done such as sample invitation letters and a data base of YMCA Alumni members from your stat in addition to names of non-YMCA Alumni retirees are available. WOULD YOU CONSIDER BECOMING A LUNCHEON HOST FOR YOUR CITY? CONSIDER ASKING ANOTHER YMCA ALUMNI FRIEND AND CO-HOST THE LUNCHEN.

Here is some information to consider for hosting a luncheon in your city...

  • Choose a luncheon city/region with a concentration of YMCA Alumni members and other Y Retirees who mostly do not attend gathering/events.
  • Obtain the list of other luncheon coordinators to did they do it?
  • A new luncheon coordinator does not have to reinvent the wheel. Resources are available.
  • Choose a luncheon coordinator from that city to organize it (co-coordinators would be great).
  • Promote the luncheon to person(s) who only need to drive about an hour or less to attend.
  • Promote attendance of spouses.
  • Promote a lunch or visiting, fellowship and no agenda. Lots of storytelling.
  • Attendees pay for their own meal.
  • At the end of the lunch ask attendees...did they have a good time? Do they want to have another luncheon again (when and where)?
  • Take group and individual photos at the luncheon. Promote in chapter/national newsletters.
  • Write a brief article for your Chapter newsletter.

It is estimated that only 25% to 40% of most Chapters membership attend chapter gatherings. There are some exceptions. What about the remaining 60% to 75% of YMCA Alumni members who do not attend chapter gatherings.

The Weatherford Chapter has 176 members as of the July membership report. On average there are 55 members who attend a YMCA Alumni Gathering (Fall gathering at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly and Spring gathering at a different location each year). For the other 69% of Weatherford Chapter members who don't attend chapter gatherings wouldn't it be great if a gathering (luncheon) were available for them to attend closer to their home?

Chapter Luncheons are a way for members and other non-member retirees to become connected with other YMCA Alumni friends and colleagues.

Going to lunch close to home (one hour drive or less) with fellow YMCA colleagues is meeting a need across the country. And it is growing. Become part of starting or growing our Weatherford Chapter YMCA Alumni Luncheon Program.

For additional information or questions on starting a luncheon program in your city contact

Phil Morgan at or call 704-678-7875

Weatherford Luncheons for YMCA Alumni

National Service Project Donors from YMCA Alumni Weatherford Chapter Members

NSP "Tiny Homes are Starting to Become a Village"

Many Thanks for the following donors for helping make this project a success!

The remaining fundraising will be from grants only.

Clark and Carolyn Baker

Bill and Katy Barringer

Jack and Lynne Bender

David and Barbara Blackman

Bert and Jean Bock

Jan Brucato

Michael and Glenda Carroll

Katie Carstens

Charles and Sherrie Cleveland

Bob and Ria D'Avria

Bob and Delphine Gilbertson

Charlie and Tina Glass

Kevin and Tania Griffin

Toby Hettler

Harriet Hoskyns-Abrahall

Catherine Hunt

Mary Hurley

Norman and Patricia Joyner

Laura Kamperman

Stan and Julie Kaslusky

Bob and Laurie Lomauro

Molly McGregor

Sharon and Glenn Mease

Phill and Marti Morgan

Pat and Sybil Newman

Dale Packer

Bill and Nancy Reece

Ed and Nancy Ryszkiewicz

Gary and Marcy Schlansker

David and Gayle Snyder

Pat Stewart

Sharon Taylor

Robert and Linda Thornton

William "Tim" and Nan Ward

Carl and Janet Ward

Barry Watkins

Weatherford Chapter

Frances Westbrook

Bill Wetzel and Beth Peacock


Thank you to Nancy Reece and Gary Schlansker for serving with me as members of the Weatherford Chapter Nominating Committee. Following our work, we present to the Weatherford Chapter the following slate of officers for the term beginning January 1st, 2024 through December 31, 2025. We will be voting on the slate of officers at our board/annual meeting at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly on Wednesday morning October 25th.

Chapter Presidents:  Charles & Sherrie Cleveland

VPs of Program:  Chuck & Cindy Harris 

VPs of Service: Charlie & Tina Glass

Secretary:  Laura Kamperman

Treasurers:  Carl & Janet Ward

Membership: Molly McGregor

Newsletter: Nancy & Ed Ryszkiewicz

Past Presidents:  Nancy & Bill Reece


Respectfully submitted,

Phill Morgan

Nominating Committee Chair

2023 Weatherford Chapter Officers Information

Nancy & Bill Reece
Franklin, TN

Vice Presidents Program:
Chuck & Cindy Harris
Chesapeake, VA

Pat & Sybil Newman 
Franklin, VA

Carl & Janet Ward
Marietta, GA

Membership Chair:  
Molly McGregor  
Hoover, AL

Nancy & Ed Ryszkiewicz
Birmingham, AL

Past President and Care & Concerns:
Phill & Marti Morgan
Gastonia, NC