Upcoming Events
7/3 & 7/10 Paws in the Sand at the Pittsburgh Night Market-Yay, an actual outdoor event! Dog treats and locally made pet products are at this tent. 5-10 pm both nights.

7/4 Independence Day-Larry's Laundromutt will be closed so that we can spend the day wondering why fireworks need to happen so often in Pittsburgh?!

The Scent of the Month
for July Baths
     is Watermelon Spritz!

  Every Friday is Freezer Friday at
       Larry's Laundromutt 
     10% Off All Frozen Foods!
Buy a Larry's Freezer Bag and get
5% off everything, every day!

Fireworks, Vet Visits & Thunderstorms, Oh No!

July is the month that causes major anxiety for a number of pets. Fireworks seem to explode not just on the 4th of July but in the days leading up to it and way beyond. Thunderstorms often pop up out of nowhere too. Thankfully there are some things that you can do to help keep your dog calm any time he is in a stressful situation. Try keeping your dog inside during thunderstorms and scheduled fireworks. Wherever they feel the safest is the best place for them to be. We also have a variety of calming options at Larry's. True Leaf, Healthy Hemp and Holistic Hound make CBD infused calming oils and chews. Thunder Ease is a calming spray with pheromones and the Thundershirt is a calming wrap. We also carry calming chews by Pet Naturals, Vetriscience, Naturvet, Nootie and Ark Naturals. Green Coast Pet makes a calming peanut butter with l-theanine called Lickable Actives. Stop by and see our selection and visit our website for a coupon that saves you 15% on all calming products!
$449 Donated to Senior Hearts Rescue & Renewal!
Thank you to everyone who had their dog or cat bathed at Larry's Laundromutt last month. You made it possible for us to donate $449 to this wonderful rescue and that's something to smile about! We donate $1 from every bath done at Larry's to animal rescues and causes each month.

Grooming Appointments

If you always want to be sure that your pet is clean, happy and matt-free, get your dog on a regular grooming schedule, every 4-6 weeks! Appointments fill up fast and you don't want to wait to get the job done. Schedule your next appointment today.
Please note, we are currently not accepting new customers in our mobile grooming van.
Canine Service Pals
This month we will be donating $1 from every bath done at Larry's to Canine Service Pals. They are a wonderful 501c3 organization that rescues shelter dogs, trains them and then gifts them to children and adults with disabilities. Help us to help them in the amazing work that they do by getting your dog or cat a bath at Larry's!

Now More Than Ever,
Support Small Business!
Think Big, Shop Small, Buy Local!

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