Regulatory Update for AOCA Members Selling Tires:

New Tire Identification Numbers Required: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a final rule to expand tire identification numbers (TINs) for both new and retreaded tires. There is no covert regulatory agenda involved here - NHTSA simply ran out of two-symbol combinations for designating manufacturing plants. However, going forward, TINs will look different, and it's important for operators buying and selling tires to be able to recognize the appearance of compliant tires. Please note: The new requirements started in April, which means there will be tires in circulation that still have the two-digit designation until pre-rule inventory runs out.

To view examples of the properly updated TINs for new and retreaded tires, please click here.

Rubber Manufacturers Association Seeks to Reinstate High Liability National Tire Registration System: The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), which is comprised of tire manufacturers, announced in December that it wants the Department of Transportation to go back to the national tire registration system Congress replaced in 1982. If that happens, everyone selling tires will once again be at risk of paying $1,000 - $10,000 in fines for every tire not registered up to a maximum fine of $800,000 per location. The real issue here is that tire manufacturers need to be able to contact consumers in the event of a recall, but they don't want to pay for the mechanisms necessary to achieve that result. AOCA actively opposes RMA's regressive campaign to shift their burdens to retail.

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John Denholm
Government Affairs Committee Chair 
If you have any questions, please contact AOCA Headquarters at info@aoca.org or 1.800.230.0702.