Reid Travel: February Newsletter

Antarctica aboard the Viking Expedition Ship, Polaris

Last month, our very own advisor, Cynthia Schultz, journeyed to Antarctica aboard the Viking Expedition Ship, Polaris. Her one-in-a-lifetime experience is described below:


Step off the shore at the southernmost city of our world and make way through the convergence of 3 of the mightiest oceans-Atlantic, Pacific and Southern, through an never ending alley of serene floating blue icebergs to step onto one of the most magnificent places on earth—the seventh continent of Antarctica.


It is a place where tranquility and peace easily harmonize with the raw elements of nature, crystal-white snow, blue icebergs, and glaciers as far as your sight and dreams can take you. The waters are teeming with frolicking penguins, the blows of whales, and seals as the Antarctic wandering albatross, petrels and skuas soar above unmoved by our presence.


The new state-of the art Viking Expedition Ship beckons the heart of every explorer to journey to the ends of the earth and follow the winds and currents as it navigates by the most stunning iceberg formations to magical places tucked away and protected by the most majestic glaciers and ice mountains as an experienced expedition teams and scientists that leads you to discover places and scenery only experienced by few in a way only translatable by your own vision and imagination.


End your days of explorations by dipping into the warm pool, steam room, or sauna or catching up on your favorite book in the library, hanging out with the expedition team at Expedition Central or in the onboard lab with the knowledgeable scientists, daydreaming while enjoying your favorite beverage in the Explorer’s lounge, all before enjoying a sumptuous meal in one of 3 beautiful and scenic dining venues.

For further information on Viking Antarctica expedition, contact

Top Destinations to Visit in 2023

Signature Travel Network's Ignacio Maza shares his thoughts

As an affiliate of Signature Travel Network, Reid Travel receives the latest most topical news relating to travel, so that we can be on the pulse of all that is current in the industry for our clients. Signature Travel Network's EVP of luxury business development, Ignacio Maza, has shared what he thinks is in store for travel in 2023. Ignacio said, "Travelers are ready for new frontiers, seeking destinations that are unique, authentic, and well worth visiting." We, at Reid Travel, couldn't agree with him more! The destinations that made it onto Ignacio's list are the following:

  1. Kyoto
  2. Bhutan
  3. Sydney
  4. Qatar
  5. Rwanda
  6. Greenland
  7. Piedmont, Italy
  8. British Columbia
  9. Ecuador
  10. Charleston, SC

Miraval Austin: Wellness with a Texas Twist

Miraval Resorts and Spas specialize in all-inclusive, luxury wellness, and they are located in Austin, Texas; Tuscon, Arizona; Berkshires, Massachusetts.

  • Inclusive Package Rates Include: shared transfers from Tucson, Austin, or Hartford Airports, $175 per person nightly resort credits that can go toward classes, spa services and private consultations with Miraval wellness specialists, breakfast, lunch, and dinner (snacks too!), all non-alcoholic beverages, unlimited participation in select yoga, fitness and meditation classes, challenge courses, and healthy living lectures by Miraval specialists

One of our advisors will be planning a group trip to Miraval Austin in 2024. Located in the beautiful Hill Country, which is also home to over 50 vineyards, this retreat will focus on culinary activities, nature walks, yoga, and so much more, as well as a chauffeured tour of wine tasting at select nearby vineyards! To book your spot on this exclusive journey, please contact

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