FY 2020-2021

Even though our start to the New Year isn't all we'd hoped, there's still room to be grateful for all we achieved together. That's why I'm proud to share the highlights of the past year with you as well as our exciting plans for 2022.

From the opening of our new Santa Ana campus to the launch of our new Leadership Circle plus the strengthening of our most essential services, your commitment to our participants inspires us every day. Let's reach higher and create new ways to thrive beyond expectations in 2022!
Participants like Carina are resilient, stepping up for either in-person or virtual learning as appropriate during campus closures and reopenings.
FY 2020-2021 A Look Back
450 Participants served
37,248 Health & Wellness check-ins (3,104/month)
39,504 Essential Care packages delivered (3,292/month)
5,940 Virtual Campus class visits (495/month)
7,572 Home Visits (40 individuals; 631/month)
45 Children's Packet pickups with clinician touchpoint

A Look Ahead for 2022
Empowering our participants with more choices is our focus in the months ahead:
  • Annual Assessments will invite participant input and also a member of their "circle of support."
  • Health, Wellness and Clinical Services will expand COVID-19 safety curriculum, make nutrition education and access a priority, provide health case management to participants living independently, and champion fitness coaching at the new Reimagine Fitness Center.
  • Our Lifelong Learning options will include a hybrid approach, tailored to participant in-person and online preferences while providing more tech resources and support for participants and families.
  • Staff Training modules will be developed to improve program management and participant outcomes.

As we transition slowly and safely to our new 30,000 square foot campus and fitness center, we plan on a new year of continued growth and improvements. I thank you for helping to create the experience of a lifetime for our participants, providing the services they need and the programs they love that go beyond expectations.

Glenn Motola, CEO
P.S. Our plans for the New Year are ambitious and we are grateful for your support. Your donation makes a difference in every participant's quality of life. Thank you!
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