September 2014 Newsletter
Blog Series: Principles in Action  


In 2009, as a way to guide the work of Reimagining Service, the council developed four principles on volunteer engagement. Since then, more than 300 individuals from multiple sectors have signed on in support of these principles and are working to incorporate them into their organizations. As part of a four-part blog series, we're finding out how these principles have come to life. This month, we're looking at: Principle 3: Recruit and Value Volunteers for Mission-Advancing Work

"Volunteer interests and/or availability should not drive the type of service provided; instead, community needs should direct the service provided and the "right" mix of volunteers should be recruited to fill appropriate roles." Read the entire blog post.


Let's Talk about Partnerships


As a follow-up to the Reimagining Service Forum on
maximizing volunteer impact through effective cross-sector partnerships at the Conference on Volunteering and Service, we have culled insights from participants to offer seven practical lessons. These candid lessons on developing and sustaining partnerships with companies range from:
  • Lesson Number 1: Decide whether to form a partnership; to
  • Lesson Number 3: Consider capacity at the core; to
  • Lesson Number 6: Be Prepared to End It. 
  • Find out our last lesson by clicking here.

Now, we would like to hear from you via Facebook or Twitter. What's your impression on these lessons? Is something missing? 


What We're Reading

"Though the number of nonprofits using LinkedIn for Good to connect with volunteers increased ten-fold in the second half of its launch year (to 8,000), the amount of available work [from nonprofits] falls far short of what members are ready to offer. At present, it breaks down to 250 volunteers per nonprofit."


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