OML Webinar Event
Reimagining the Delivery of Public Safety Services

Program Overview:
Municipalities across the country are examining current polices related to public safety and how enforcement measures are delivered. A significant emphasis of this examination by local governments and law enforcement agencies has focused on issues related to different aspects of policing reform and initiatives to provide a higher degree of service to all members of their communities. While the Ohio General Assembly has introduced different legislative proposals to address issues related to police reform, municipalities across the state have already begun the process of examining how they bring change to their own communities.     

On Wednesday, October 21st at 2pm, the Ohio Municipal League in conjunction with the Ohio Mayors Alliance will be hosting a free webinar to showcase examples of what some municipalities in Ohio are doing to respond to the calls to reimagine how public safety services are delivered and how to improve the process of policing efforts going forward.

We are honored to have as panelists Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, Akron City Councilman Russel Neal, Jr., Athens Mayor Steve Patterson along with Ohio University student Kamal Adewumi. Each of these leaders will discuss initiatives being undertaken in their communities to address issues related to how race impacts the delivery of public safety operations, programs designed to renew public trust with law enforcement and transforming public safety operations to provide greater legitimacy and accountability.

Please register below and join us for this important discussion on how Ohio’s cities and villages can continue to be the best places to live and work.      

Cost: [FREE]
When: [Wednesday, October 21, 2020]
Time: [2pm ~ 3:00 pm]