Donner and Blitzen know that sometimes we need a little encouragement to start machine quilting. If you have quilt tops that are waiting to be quilted, perhaps today will encourage you to give machine quilting a try or give you the confidence to move onto free motion quilting!

Reindeer Treat of the Day
Donner and Blitzen are already dreaming about the Cinnamon Rolls that Mrs. Claus has ready for them the morning of Christmas Eve. She likes to make sure everyone at the North Pole has all their favourite treats before the busy day ahead.
Sally's Baking Addiction Strikes Again! These easy cinnamon rolls from scratch are perfect for yeast beginners because they only require one rise. Each cinnamon roll is extra soft with the most delicious cinnamon swirl! The rolls freeze beautifully, so this is a great make-ahead recipe, especially for planning ahead for holidays or the next time you need a special breakfast. Choose from a few easy icing flavors to top the warm & gooey rolls. You will find this recipe on the Sally's Baking Addiction website. (Click Here)
Video of the Day!
Norine and Tammy are ready with their hands up to express their love for machine quilting today!
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Help Getting Started
Donner and Blitzen know that the thought of machine quilting can be quite daunting. You start with quilting in the ditch and then you work your way up!
How Do I Quilt It - Christa Watson

Your go-to guide to modern machine quilting

Prepare your quilt, choose your designs, and find your path! This comprehensive guide to modern machine quilting uses both walking-foot and free-motion techniques, all done on a domestic sewing machine. Learn how to create a quilting plan, then apply that plan to complete the quilt of your dreams with as few starts and stops as possible. Includes a gallery of popular machine quilting designs and 3 quilt projects to practice skills. Each of the 3 project quilts is shown quilted 3 different ways: walking foot, free motion, and a combination of walking foot and free motion quilting.

Here's Christa to tell you a little bit about her new book.
Beginners Guide to Free Motion Quilting

Photo tutorials show stitching in action for 50+ free-motion quilting designs to create modern quilts with classic style! Popular blogger and designer, Natalia Bonner, illustrates her instructions with detailed photos that make it easier to get beautiful results on your home sewing machine. Learn how to quilt all-over, as filler, on borders, and on individual blocks…using loops and swirls, feathers and flames, flowers and vines, pebbles and more! Includes tips for choosing batting and thread, layering and basting, starting and stopping, and prepping your machine are included. After you’ve practiced, show off your new skills with six geometric quilt projects.
The Right Tools
The Sew Steady Grid Glider is ideal for free motion quilting creating a slick sewing surface for easy fabric glide. The removable polyester mat uses micro suction technology to secure to the table and sewing machine. The Grid Glider:

  • is available in two sizes and includes 1/4", 1/2" and 5/8" seam allowances, a centering ruler and grid with 1" spacing across entire mat

  • has a pre-cut hole for feed dogs

  • has a slick topside allowing for easy fabric glide

  • can be trimmer down with scissors

  • can be clean with warm water and air dry to revive

Not just for free motion quilting!

Alex Anderson discovered that the Sew Steady Grid Glider can be handy for more than just free motion quilting!
Before you can even take flight with free motion quilting with templates and rulers, you need to start with the right ruler foot for your machine.

Fine Line Clarity Ruler

See where you've been and know where you're going with the Fine Line Clarity Ruler Foot from Accents in Design. The ruler foot provides Clear visibility for all your ruler work and free motion quilting without changing out your foot.

This Quilting Ruler Foot is available for Low and High Shank machines.

Westalee Ruler Foot

The Westalee Domestic Quilting Ruler Foot allows you to free motion quilt with any Westalee Designs Quilting Templates as well as many other popular quilting rulers and templates.
This Quilting Ruler Foot is available for Low and High Shank machines.
IMPORTANT: Before ordering, check your machine's specifications to make sure you get the right one.
Quilting with Rulers
Now to have fun with some quilting rulers!
Angela Walter has some new quilting rulers and Donner and Blitzen picked out their top three!


This Machine Quilting Tool is pretty as a flower! Petunia is the perfect tool for creating curvy flower shapes, perfect circles and more. You can quilt along the outside edge to create stunning floral shapes, or quilt along the inside edge for beautiful circles and arcs. You can even combine the two to create even more designs for your quilt top!

Smiley ** (might not arrive by Christmas)

Smiley is sure to put a grin on your face! Quilting arc shapes doesn’t have to be tricky or difficult. Smiley’s handy needle stops on both sides means that you get a perfectly pointed arc each time. Smiley includes two differently sized arcs for even more versatility. 


Dot is like getting two rulers in one, making it an all-around functional tool to have around. Quilt along the outside to create straight line in different angles, or quilt along the inside to create beautiful curvy, pointy shapes.
Quilters Select Precision Machine Quilting Rulers have been specifically designed for machine and long arm quilting. They have the same non-slip coating as all the other Quilters Select rulers. Never again will you have to worry about your rulers slipping as you guide your quilt and ruler through your machine. The new finger grip holes enhance your ease of placement and movement.

Today we're featuring the two straighter edge rulers in 2” x 8” and 3” x 12” sizes, perfect for stitching in seams, echoing, crosshatching, parallel lines, geometric machine quilting, or border designs!

Like all Quilters Select products, this ruler is designed for both left- and right-handed quilters, with markings that can be read both ways. The ¼” vertical lines along the sides are ideal for straight line quilting, and the 45° and 60° angle lines open more creative possibilities than ever before!
More Quilting Essentials
When it comes to marking your project for quilting, the Bohin Mechanical pencil is a great one to have on hand. The extra-fine leads never need sharpening and come in a variety of colours. The lines can be washed out or erased with any fabric eraser, including the twist-eraser on the end of the pencil.
The Bohin Mechanical Pencil Package comes with a set of white chalk refills. Additional refills are sold separately in white, green, grey and yellow. Collect all the inserts so you can mark every colour fabric!
Tip! You should always test on an extra piece of fabric before using it on your actual project. Also remember to press lightly when using coloured leads.
Free Fuse by Quilters Select
Free Fuse creates a semi-permanent bond between most fabrics, battings and textiles. This powder-like bonding agent is needle friendly! It can be used for creating fusible quilt batting, fusible foundations, fabric to fabric - appliques, costumes, quilting, home decor and more!
But how does it work?
1.   Sprinkle QS-Free Fuse over the base material and place the second piece of fabric over top of the powdered surface.
2.   Cover with parchment paper or a Teflon Pressing Sheet.
3.   Apply direct heat and pressure with an iron or press (medium temperature)
4.   Hold for at least 4 seconds
The bond is now set!
Free Fuse is available in a NEW 2-ounce shaker and refills.
Are you new to Free Fuse? Watch and see how great this product is.
When it comes to pinning your quilt, there's no such thing as too many pins. You should space your pins apart by roughly the size of your fist. Make sure you catch all layers with your pins. If you’re new to free motion quilting you may want to use extra pins the first few times, really focusing on the edges and center.
Donner and Blitzen want to make sure you have enough pins when you need them and the Dritz Curved Safety Package of 300 should get you started but if you're doing a King-sized quilt, you might need 2 packages! These curved safety pins are easy to use and have the right angle for easy penetration of quilt layers with no shifting.
Think About Your Hands
Grabaroo’s Quilting Gloves have been specifically designed to cater to the needs of crafters and quilters. Whether you are passionate about sewing projects or you indulge in paper crafts every day, a pair of these quilters’ gloves will make the whole activity more fun and productive. These essential gloves for machine quilting ensure greater precision while you work. They also assist in providing you with a firm grip on the quilt. That prevents slippage too.

Grabaroo's gloves are available in Small, Medium and Large
Quilters Touch Machingers Gloves are designed for machine quilters. A soft, flexible fingertip grip gives you full control with less resistance and drag on fabric. No more taking your gloves off to change thread, adjust fabric or remove pins. Reduces fatigue and tension in hands, arms, shoulders and neck.
Practice Makes Perfect
You have the ideas; you have the tools and now you need to Practice! Practice! Practice! When it comes to quilting, it's all about building muscle memory.
NEW! Skillbuilder Filler Finesse Panel (36" x 45")

Filler Finesse is an excellent tool to develop muscle memory and fill skills using a home machine or long arm system. Printed with 27 colourful designs for free motion quilting (FMQ) practice. Includes hooks, lines, swirls, arcs, s-curves, loops, and feathers in a variety of patterns perfect for blocks, borders and or all over designs.
Skillbuilder Panels #1 and #2 (Limited Quantities Available!)

The Skillbuilder Practice Sampler Panel #1 is a ready to stitch design print with 16 borders, 9 blocks, and 3 motifs. Simply follow the starting points and directional guides to stitch your way to machine quilting confidence. At a metre long, this panel provides hours of practice for new and experienced quilters. How awesome is that?

Feather patterns add a unique balance of simple beauty and classic sophistication to a quilt. The Skillbuilder Practice Sampler Panel #2 is a ready to stitch design print with 26 feather designs, 6 unique blocks and a variety of borders. Just like Sampler Panel #1, you simply follow the starting points and directional guides to stitch your way to machine quilting confidence!
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