We always pair Comet and Leianne during Reindeer Games because they both have stars in their eyes. So many holiday activities are steeped in tradition and as part of today's fun we're paying tribute to Studio 180, but specifically to a tool that changed the course of Leianne's quilting journey. She never could have imagined that one tool, one class could change everything!

Reindeer Treat of the Day
Comet is switching things up today and recommending a treat that is closer to her heart! These Maple Cinnamon Star Cookies from Sally's Baking addiction will quickly become a star feature attraction. What makes these stars unique are the flavours mingling inside: cinnamon and maple. These elegant and festive cookies are perfect for any celebration, and they are fun to make with fuss-free decorating!
You will find the recipe for these amazing Maple Cinnamon Star Cookies, and MANY other great recipes on Sally's Baking Addition website. (Click Here).

Santa is a big fan of many of Sally's recipes!
Video of the Day!
Since we're ready for stargazing today, you know that means today's video will be hosted by Leianne. She encouraged Marilyn to join her today because Marilyn has been busy with a Studio 180 project of her own and she's keen to share the news!
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Lemoyne Stars Are in the Sky!
Leianne's love of all things Studio 180 began with the Lemoyne Star. She fell in love with the Lemoyne Star and was inspired by how easy it was for her to achieve precise results even though she was new to the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool. It was so easy for her to make her first Lemoyne Star what other opportunities might lie ahead? What else could she do with Studio 180 tools... and a quilting journey had begun!
Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Tool

Finally, a tool and technique that will allow any quilter to quickly, easily and accurately piece traditional Lemoyne Star blocks in 10 different sizes! The block units are strip pieced, assembled without using any “Y” seams and pieced so that the blocks themselves are slightly oversized and can be trimmed to an exact size.
Leianne can attest that the Lemoyne Star is a truly addictive ruler!
Pattern Inspiration!
One Ruler... So Many Different Stars in the Sky!
This difficult looking pattern is a cinch using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool and construction process. The units are strip pieced and assembled with no “Y” seams. Pieced units are trimmed for high precision so matching seams and keeping points becomes a snap! A fast and easy project with the right tool!

Project Size: 38" x 38"

Additional Rulers Recommended: Tucker Trimmer I
Pop Stars is the perfect project for all those jelly rolls you’ve collected! With an additional light, medium and dark fabric, you’ll have all the fabric you need to make this beauty. All these difficult looking blocks and border triangles are made with streamlined strip piecing techniques and foolproof precision trimming. It’s much simpler to make than you might imagine. Give this stunning quilt a try and you’ll be thrilled at how easily it goes together! This quilt will finish at 88" x 113".

Additional Ruler Recommended: Tucker Trimmer III
This lovely Sugar and Spice quilt is made using an on-point arrangement of Lemoyne Stars accented by Half- and Quarter-Square Triangle units. You’ll use the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star and Tucker Trimmer 1 tools to construct this charming quilt.

Project size: 45” x 62” 

Additional Ruler Recommended: Tucker Trimmer I
With the right fabric selection and three absolutely terrific tools you'll find yourself breezing through this spectacular Sea Breeze quilt with ease and success!

Project size: 72" x 90" or 78" x 96"

Additional Rulers Recommended: Square Squared (S2) and V Block
The Many Lemoyne Star Techniques
When it comes to the Lemoyne Star, it seems there as many different star possibilities as there are stars in the sky. They are covered by an assortment of different technique sheets to help you achieve the look you want. When you invest in a ruler you want to make sure you will get the most out of it and with the Lemoyne Star tool it is far from being a one trick pony.

Who better to give us an overview of the Lemoyne Star variations than Studio 180's own Deb Tucker herself! If, like me, you fell in love with the quilt hanging in the background, that's the Pop Stars pattern featured above!

Watch Now!
Lemoyne Star Techniques and Technique Sheets
Banded Lemoyne

When you are ready for a truly spectacular variation, give the Banded Lemoyne Star Technique Sheet a shot. These blocks are a bit of a challenge, but ohhhhh so worth it in the end. A challenging but amazing block for the ambitious quilter. 

Blazing Lemoyne

The Blazing Star is similar to the Lone Star but has just 4 diamonds in each star point. It’s a fantastic variation with 10 size options ranging from 6” to 24”. The larger ones are perfect for a wall hanging or medallion in the center of a quilt. 

Fussy Cut Lemoyne

Fussy cutting the star points can give you lots of really beautiful, interesting and unexpected looks. In this Technique Sheet, learn how to really use the blunt end of your ruler and get your creativity flowing.

Liberty Lemoyne

The Liberty Star is a challenging, traditional block usually made with templates or paper foundation piecing. With our process and your Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool you will be able to strip piece and over size the units to increase your speed, accuracy and enjoyment when making this star variation. 
And even more techniques!
Strip Pieced Lemoyne

If you're looking for an exciting way to easily spice up your blocks why not try strip piecing your diamond strips for added interest and pizzazz? This Technique Sheet walks you through the process, gives you charts for starting size strips and includes some simple design ideas. You'll be off on another piecing adventure! 

Starburst Lemoyne

The Starburst Lemoyne is a versatile block typically made using paper or foundation piecing techniques but can be made faster and more precise with the Lemoyne Star tool. The technique sheet includes everything you need to know to make this fun star in ten block sizes, and once you have learned this technique and start playing with fabric combinations, you'll find the creative possibilities are endless!

Lemoynes as Triangles

If you're wondering how to turn your Lemoyne Star units into triangular half blocks, it's actually quite easy and requires just a few modifications to the standard Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star process. You'll be able to quickly add oodles of exciting design possibilities to your quilt making. 
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More Studio 180 Tools
Many of the patterns featured as part of today's promotions require Studio 180 tools in addition to the Lemoyne Star tool. Comet thought it was only fair to include those tools today as well!
No matter what type or level of quilter you are, you're truly missing out if you haven't tried the Tucker Trimmer yet (or either of its spinoff tools, the Tucker Trimmer II and Tucker Trimmer III)! The Tucker Trimmer is the best tool for constructing and trimming down half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles (AKA hourglass units), and combination units. You will find yourself reaching for the Tucker Trimmer over and over again!

Tuckerize That! Leianne is always encouraging us to "Tuckerize" other patterns. This is probably the best tool to start Tuckerizing with, the key is to work backwards from your finished units on your project: figure out what size they're going to be and how your fabrics will need to be arranged, then it's smooth sailing from there.
Finally, a tool that simplifies the construction of the Diamond Square unit without having to use paper foundation piecing. The Square Squared (Square2) is an all-in-one tool that gives you a window template for accurately cutting the center square, a chart printed right on the ruler for the recommended size to cut the triangles sewn to the four sides of the center square and a trim down section on the ruler that simplifies the alignment of ruler to fabric unit and allows everyone to clean up the unit to a precise measurement every time. You can see the tool demonstrated on our free online video demonstration (see below, also on YouTube). This unit is a tricky one to get accurate, but with the Square Squared tool and technique of oversizing and trimming down you’ll have far better success than with any other product on the market.

A New Quilters Cupboard Favourite Episode!
Marilyn has been busy making up baskets full of ornaments using the Square Squared tool and the Stacked Squares Technique Sheet. In fact, she's made so many ornaments that we decided this was a great opportunity for another episode from the Quilters Cupboard favourites video series!

In our Quilters Cupboard Favourites series, we offer step-by-step instructions for some of our favourite projects. These Stacked Square Christmas Ornaments are the latest addition. You will find our Quilters Cupboard Favourites series on our YouTube channel and on our website.
Stacked Squares Technique Sheet

To make these ornaments you will need the Stacked Squares Technique Sheet. This technique will allow you to make the "Economy" block perfectly every time without using paper foundation piecing This technique sheet is a companion for the Large Square Squared as well as the Square Squared (S2) tools.

Buy More and Save More!

The Stacked Squares Technique Sheet is included in the Buy More and Save promotion with the others list above.
Quilters Select 2.5" x 2.5" Ruler

This Quilters Select ruler might be small but it comes in handy for fussy cutting the centre blocks for the ornament. Like all Quilters Select rulers it has easy to read lines for marking and measuring fabric and a unique non-slip coating that makes for more accurate cutting! No more accidental cuts and squaring your blocks has never been easier!
The Wing Clipper is a must have tool if you are making Flying Geese units for your quilt. This tool, and the associated Fast Flying Geese construction technique, allow you to make four finished units from five squares. The best part is that each unit is constructed slightly oversized so each can be trimmed to a perfect size with perfect seam placement once the sewing and pressing are complete by using the Wing Clipper tool.
This tool is a must have if you like making quilts with tall star point units. This particular shape has perplexed quilters forever. With the V-Block tool, you’ll be cutting the center and side triangles slightly over sized and then with the same tool trimming the sewn piece to an extremely precise unit with seams perfectly placed for crisp, sharp points at every intersection. Think about adding this magnificent new tool to your toolbox, you’ll be glad you did.
But Wait... There's More
Studio 180 tools are an investment and Leianne wants to make sure that you get the most from each and every one of them. To encourage you in your Studio 180 journey, Leianne recorded a "But Wait... There's More" video series for many of the Studio 180 tools and you can access them anytime!
The "But Wait... There's More Series" covers many of the tools promoted today including the Tucker Trimmer, Square Squared and Wing Clipper tools. It doesn't stop there. But wait... There are many other videos that you should check out whether you are just starting your Studio 180 journey and / or especially if you have Studio 180 tools on hand that you're not sure what to do with them next.
More Opportunities to Learn!
The Lemoyne Star ruler, with all its different techniques, requires a much deeper dive than what can be included in the "But Wait... There's More" series. Leianne didn't want to miss a chance to share the wonders of this amazing star with you and so she came up the Lemoyne Star Virtual Academy!
Fall In Love with the Lemoyne Star beginning January 2023!

In this video series, you will have access to 8 different videos that go over the following techniques:

  • Traditional Lemoyne Star
  • Banded Lemoyne Star
  • Blazing Lemoyne Star
  • Fussy Cut Lemoyne Star
  • Lemoynes as Triangles
  • Liberty Lemoyne Star
  • Starburst Lemoyne Star
  • Strip Pieced Lemoyne Star

Program Information:

When you register for the Lemoyne Star Virtual Academy, you will receive immediate and unlimited access to all 8-videos. You can watch them whenever you want, as many times as you want. You will be able to bring a ‘virtual Leianne’ right into your sewing room when you’re practicing a new technique. While it’s recommended that you start with the traditional Lemoyne Star, you can watch the videos in any order that you want.

This program is for you, if you have always wanted to learn about the versatility of the Lemoyne Star Ruler and weren’t sure where to begin. The Virtual Academy will help you learn tips and techniques and after that the project possibilities are endless!

Ruler Required: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star from Studio 180

Technique Sheets Required: All 7 technique sheets for the Lemoyne Star ruler are covered in the program. You can purchase these technique sheets at your own pace.

Virtual Academy Benefit: When you register for the Lemoyne Star Virtual Academy you will be entitled to 10% off the Lemoyne Star Ruler and Lemoyne Star Technique Sheets.

Registration Fee: $79.99 (includes on-demand, unlimited access to all 8-videos).
Start Off Small

You don't have to jump completely into the full galaxy that is Lemoyne Star. You can start with the Lemoyne Star tool, a jelly roll and some background fabric and take it from there.

The Old-Fashioned Lemoyne Star is a Leianne-original pattern, and it will give you the opportunity to try the Lemoyne Star tool with Leianne for a day. After that the possibilities are endless!

Date: Thursday, January 5th (9:30 - 4:00)

Ruler Required: Lemoyne Star Tool (no additional technique sheets)

Cost: $58
Fair Isle Block of the Month

Simple shapes create a fantastic queen size quilt! Quality results achievable by all skill levels with the use of Studio 180 Design tools. Fabric value placement becomes the key to creating the illusion of difficulty. This 12-month Block of the Month is sure to become a cherished heirloom.

The Fair Isle pattern was written by Deb Tucker with Studio 180 tools in mind. There are NO pattern modifications required to make this stunning quilt with precision and less stress.

Available Now! Blue Escape Fair Isle Kits

Kits are still available for the Fair Isle Block of the Month quilt featuring the Blue Escape fabrics from Laundry Basket Quilts.

You can learn more about the Fair Isle Block of the Month Program on the website.
Leianne's Favourites
There are certain supplies that Leianne recommends over and over. Of course, they're back again this year.
The Gypsy Clapper will leave a nice crisp seam when used with steam from your iron. A little pressure from the Clapper and a bit of steam will work like magic.

Available in Two Sizes - 7.75" and 11.5"
Comet and Leianne are both passionate about some star supplies to help you achieve your star rating.

Omnigrid Invisi-Grip is a clear, non-slip material that is applied to quilting rulers and templates to prevent slipping while rotary cutting; InvisiGrip is invisible when applied for clear viewing; it can be removed without leaving a residue. Ideal for beginners who are just learning how to handle rulers. Can be applied to the back of cutting mats to prevent the mat from slipping on a tabletop.


Low Tack will not leave residue on your ruler. Available in 3 colors, pink, orange, and yellow, each roll contains 1/4in x 7yds. Total package contains 21yds of tape. Glow Line makes it easy to find measurements and shapes. Especially when rotary cutting repetitive pieces. You can use Glow-Line either underneath or on top of Invisi-Grip.
Quilter's Magic Wand

The Quilter’s Magic Wand is an accurate ½” wide ruler with an etched line running down the middle. Use it for marking or measuring when high precision is required. It is especially useful for marking those diagonal seam lines when using the Tucker Trimmer and Wing Clipper lines of tools.

There's no choice of colour.
Sewing Edge

Sew faster and more easily without losing your precision. These purple vinyl strips replace masking tape and moleskin with a re-positionable stop that doesn't leave sticky residue. The thickness creates an edge that guides the fabric in front of the foot. Sew with confidence every time.
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