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Reinforcing Number Sense and Counting with a Multi-Layered Dance Activity
By Connie Bergstein Dow
"Thank you, Redleaf Press, for the opportunity to be a guest blogger! As a lifelong dance educator, I know that dance and movement help to make the learning of early childhood concepts a fun and lively experience. I have created a multi-layered activity exploring number sense and counting, filled with lots of large motor-skill practice." --Connie Bergstein Dow
Dancing About Numbers!
Time of Activity: 20-30 Minutes
Materials: The numbers 0-9 written separately on paper, or number flash cards, and a large, open space
Music: A lively instrumental selection and a tambourine or drum, if available
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Connie Bergstein Dow has forty years of experience performing and teaching dance to young children and adults in the United States and Latin America. She holds an MFA in dance from the University of Michigan. Connie is the author of  Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn! Enriching Movement Activities for Preschoolers  and several articles about dance. Learn more about Connie on her website .
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