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New Reentry Simulation Resource
We're excited to share our new Reentry Simulation overview packet! The document contains important information about how the simulation works, the ways it impacts participants, details for scheduling a simulation, and more.

Click here to check it out , and please feel free to share it!
Reentry Simulations: What's New
We had the honor of hosting two incredibly successful Reentry Simulations this month! On August 15, we engaged legislators and leaders at ALEC in Austin. Earlier this week, we visited Columbia University for the fourth time! Thanks to everyone who joined us and helped to make these simulations happen.

Click here to learn more and schedule a simulation at your association, office headquarters, university, conference, and more!
Upcoming Reentry Simulations:

September - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

October 10 - Eastern Illinois University - Charleston, Il
The Slumber Party From Hell: A True Story of Turning Pain into Power
" This book is a must-read for anyone who wants an inside look at the Arizona prison system."

Reinventing Reentry founder Sue Ellen Allen's book, The Slumber Party From Hell, shares her experience and the unimaginable conditions in Arizona's Perryville prison -- conditions which are all too common in corrections facilities across the nation. If you haven't already, click here to learn more and purchase the book!
In one Arizona county, pay for your ankle monitor or go to jail
As states move away from cash bail, some are shifting to expensive monitoring systems to keep tabs on people charged with crimes. The practice has come under fire in Arizona where GPS monitoring is only mandated for individuals accused of certain crimes, and particularly in Mohave County where it costs defendants a pretty penny.

Report finds chronic underfunding fueled Lewis lock problem
Staffing issues caused by chronic underfunding by the legislature was a prime factor in fueling the Arizona Department of Corrections’ failure to remedy a problem with faulty locks at the Lewis prison, according to a report by two former Arizona Supreme Court chief justices.

Culture change needed at Corrections Dept
The next director of the Arizona Department of Corrections will have to address leadership problems that contributed to an ongoing issue with faulty locks at the Lewis prison, Gov. Doug Ducey said following the release of an in-depth report on the matter.

What is the First Step Act? A guide to everything you want to know
It seemed like an impossible dream: Could a criminal justice reform bill pass a divided Congress and a "tough-on-crime" administration? After all, it had been years—decades—since any significant reform had occurred. It would take a miracle for the First Step Act to succeed.

Sign the Fair Chance Arizona Pledge
Help us eliminate hiring, housing and education barriers for Arizonans who have been incarcerated. If you are a business owner or part of an organization that is committed to promoting fair chances for all, please sign the Fair Chance Arizona pledge. We encourage you to share this important initiative with others in your network too! Together we can enact real change in our state and our country.  
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