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Join the Movement to Reinvent Reentry!
We're excited to share our 50 State Strategy, which gives us the opportunity to facilitate innovative initiatives across the country that will positively impact the reentry process, and those people who were formerly incarcerated. Click here to learn more and get in touch with any questions about how to get involved.
Upcoming Reentry Simulations & Events:
February 6 - Williams College Reentry Simulation - Williamstown, Massachusetts
March 17 - Village Initiative Reentry - Kansas City, Kansas
March 25 - Day of Empathy 2020 - Click here for more information.

April 8 - Americans for Prosperity - Salt Lake City, Utah

April 16 - Tom Tom Festival - Charlottesville, Virginia

Stay tuned for more events. To schedule your own simulation, click here!

American Friends Service Committee: Reframing Justice 2020
Matthew Charles (pictured above, bottom right) the first individual to be released as part of the First Step Act , spoke at the event.
On January 21st, we attended American Friends Service Committee's Reframing Justice 2020 Kickoff! This event brought individuals who have been formerly incarcerated, and their families to the Arizona State Capitol to share their stories with others about the many challenges and injustices that people who are incarcerated face on a daily basis. Click here to check out some coverage of the event.
Whistleblower Says Corizon Health Administrators Directed Him To Cheat Arizona Prison Monitors
The sound of coworkers crying. Sprinting to stabbings and hangings. The hiss of an empty oxygen tank. The inevitable loss of life. These are the memories of Jose Vallejo from his time in an Arizona prison. Vallejo worked for Corizon Health in the Arizona Department of Corrections for two years from December 2016 to December 2018. He alleges the company is violating state regulations, purposefully misleading state auditors, and putting patient lives at risk.

Democrats Pushing Package of Criminal Justice Reform Bills in 2020
As hopes fly high for a legislative session that will succeed in passing meaningful criminal justice reform, Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday unveiled a detailed agenda that includes giving more inmates a chance to reduce their prison sentence and freeing judges from issuing mandatory sentences. Rep. Kristen Engel, D-Tucson, rattled off statistics at a Capitol press conference that she said are proof that reforms in Arizona’s correctional and justice systems are needed.

The Road to Real Criminal Justice Reform Goes Through Public Defenders
I have mentioned occasionally my friend Jan, who spent decades as a public defender in one of America’s largest cities before she retired a couple of years ago. Public defenders are some of the only true heroes in our society because, against all the strongest forces in our society and our politics, they keep alive our failing belief in equality under the law.

Arizona's Incarcerated Firefighters Push for a Bill to Reduce Their Sentences
Mount Lemmon was glowing, a lighthouse against the backdrop of the dimly lit highway. 
As he watched the flames envelop the mountain—the highest point in the Santa Catalina Mountains, located north of Tucson, Arizona — Aguirre-Proano felt almost thankful. He and his crew of incarcerated firefighters would need the adrenaline rush to finish the job.

The State Prison that Holds the Death Chamber in Arizona is Closing
The Arizona prison that holds the state's death chamber will be closed in a cost-cutting move. Gov. Doug Ducey announced the closure of a state prison during his annual State of the State address to lawmakers Monday. A press release from his office said Florence Prison would be closed. By shutting down the prison and transferring inmates to different facilities the state will save hundreds of millions of dollars over the next three years, the release from the governor's office said.

Ducey Wary About Justice Reform, Sex Ed Changes; Pledges New K-12 Spending in 2020
If criminal justice reform advocates hope the 2020 legislative session will lead to more success than the disappointing 2019 session, they’ve got their work cut out for them, as Gov. Doug Ducey says the scope of reforms he’s open to are far more limited than what they’re seeking. “I come at criminal justice reform with a heart first and foremost for the victims,” Ducey told Arizona Mirror in a Jan. 9 interview previewing his 2020 agenda and state of the state speech, which he’ll give to the legislature on Jan. 13.

Sign the Fair Chance Arizona Pledge
Help us eliminate hiring, housing and education barriers for Arizonans who have been incarcerated. If you are a business owner or part of an organization that is committed to promoting fair chances for all, please sign the Fair Chance Arizona pledge. We encourage you to share this important initiative with others in your network too! Together we can enact real change in our state and our country.  
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