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A Note from Reinventing Reentry Founder: Thanksgiving & Mabel
Click here to read a short story from Reinventing Reentry founder Sue Ellen Allen. Our hearts are with all those who can’t be with their loved ones this holiday season. 
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As the year comes to a close, the season of giving is right around the corner! Your generous gift will help us end the stigma attached to formerly incarcerated individuals, and create meaningful solutions for a better reentry process. Click the button below to donate online, or mail your check to the address below.
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Reentry Simulations: What's New
We held an incredibly successful Reentry Simulation this month at the first Prison CPAC/Philadelphia hosted by the American Conservative Union.

Sue Ellen Allen also spoke this month at the Human Resource Association of Central Connecticut's event, "Second Chance Hiring and the Role HR Professionals Play.”

We're thrilled to have so many opportunities to share the powerful Reentry Simulation experience with audiences across the country. Click here to schedule a simulation at your association, office headquarters, university, conference, and more!

In The News:

Thanks to NBC10 Philadelphia and reporter Lauren Mayk for this awesome coverage of our recent Reentry Simulation in Philadelphia! Click here to check out the story. 
In Case You Missed It: Reentry Simulation Resource
We're excited to share our Reentry Simulation overview packet! The document contains important information about how the simulation works, the ways it impacts participants, details for scheduling a simulation, and more.

Click here to check it out , and please feel free to share it!
The Slumber Party From Hell:
A True Story of Turning Pain into Power
" This book is a must-read for anyone who wants an inside look at the Arizona prison system."

Reinventing Reentry founder Sue Ellen Allen's book, The Slumber Party From Hell, shares her experience and the unimaginable conditions in Arizona's Perryville prison -- conditions which are all too common in corrections facilities across the nation. If you haven't already, click here to learn more and purchase the book!
The First Step Act Promised Widespread Reform. What Has the Criminal justice overhaul achieved so far?
In 2004, when Tanesha Bannister was 29, a judge sentenced her to life in prison for selling crack, convincing the single mother of two she'd never be free again.

Mothers in Prison Aren't Likely to See Their Families This Thanksgiving – Or Any Other Day
On a mid-October morning, I drove from Philadelphia to State Correctional Institution Muncy, Pennsylvania’s oldest and largest women’s prison. The prison, located in the north central part of the state, is set at the base of a mountain and encircled by farmlands, feed mills and the upper branch of the Susquehanna River. The 170-mile drive took nearly four hours.

New Report Exposes Dangers of Costly Criminal Justice Fees
Brennan Center for Justice on Thursday (November 21) released a report analyzing how people and communities are impacted when criminal courts impose high fees and fines on defendants.

Pre-Arrest Diversion: Where You Live Can Determine Whether You Go to Jail
Alternatives to detention are now widely available across the U.S. to justice-involved individuals who pose no risk to public safety. But a new survey shows that how they are implemented and who benefits from them can depend on a “stunning variety” of state statutes and practices.

Women’s Mass Incarceration:
The Whole Pie 2019
With growing public attention to the problem of mass incarceration, people want to know about women’s experience with incarceration. How many women are held in prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities in the United States? And why are they there?

The Battle for Voting Rights in the age of Mass Incarceration
Shauntelle Mitchell waited in her local polling station in Slidell, Louisiana, and contemplated leaving. The October primary election would be her first time voting in years — her criminal record had prevented her from casting a ballot since 2011. This year, re-registered and finally free to vote, she felt nervous.  

Sign the Fair Chance Arizona Pledge
Help us eliminate hiring, housing and education barriers for Arizonans who have been incarcerated. If you are a business owner or part of an organization that is committed to promoting fair chances for all, please sign the Fair Chance Arizona pledge. We encourage you to share this important initiative with others in your network too! Together we can enact real change in our state and our country.  
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