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Reentry Simulations: What's New
We're thrilled to have even more upcoming opportunities to share the powerful Reentry Simulation experience with audiences across the country. Click here to learn more and schedule a simulation at your association, office headquarters, university, conference, and more!
Upcoming Reentry Simulations:

September 28 - Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Learn more.

October 11 - Eastern Illinois University - Charleston, Illinois

November 7 - Televerde - Phoenix, Arizona

November 8 - Conservative Political Action Conference - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
In Case You Missed It: New Reentry Simulation Resource
We're excited to share our new Reentry Simulation overview packet! The document contains important information about how the simulation works, the ways it impacts participants, details for scheduling a simulation, and more.

Click here to check it out , and please feel free to share it!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Next week marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, we're shining a spotlight on the far too many women who experience the trauma of having this disease while behind bars. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and website all month long, and we encourage you to join the conversation!
The Slumber Party From Hell: A True Story of Turning Pain into Power
" This book is a must-read for anyone who wants an inside look at the Arizona prison system."

Reinventing Reentry founder Sue Ellen Allen's book, The Slumber Party From Hell, shares her experience and the unimaginable conditions in Arizona's Perryville prison -- conditions which are all too common in corrections facilities across the nation. If you haven't already, click here to learn more and purchase the book!
Lawmakers told addiction, re-entry barriers fuel problems in justice system
About two dozen members of the public got their first chance to speak their mind at a legislative committee exploring reforms to sentencing and other aspects of Arizona’s criminal justice system, discussing the need for substance abuse treatment behind bars, the difficulty people face in finding housing and jobs after they get out of prison, and the boundaries of the reform legislation that advocates are planning for 2020.

Governor uncommitted to funding fix of prison problems
Gov. Doug Ducey won’t commit to ask the Legislature for all the dollars his departing head of the state prison system says are necessary to deal with the “critical public safety crisis.” In a letter to the governor, Charles Ryan said he needs at least another $59 million this coming budget year on top of the current nearly $1.2 billion budget for the Department of Corrections. 

Lawmakers prepare criminal justice bills for 2020 session
Bills designed to send fewer people to prison, provide rehabilitation opportunities for incarcerated people and help those who’ve served their time reintegrate into society will be back on the Arizona Legislature’s table next year.

Locked Down: Prison reform advocates propose legislation for citizen advisory board
The American Friends Service Committee-Arizona (AFSC-AZ) has launched the   ReFraming Justice Project , an ongoing multimedia storytelling and public education initiative led by incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, convicted people and their loved ones. 

Arizona Prison Food Was Labeled 'Not for Human Consumption,' Ex-Inmates Say
Some of the women incarcerated at Arizona's Perryville prison saw the bright red letters spelling out "not for human consumption" on the sides of cardboard boxes containing chicken. Others remembered seeing the label slapped on packages of lunch meat.

Non-violent drug offenders need help, not felony records
Arizona’s supposedly “tough on crime” prosecutors would have the public believe that their aggressive charging and sentencing of nonviolent drug users is necessary to keep us safe. 

Sign the Fair Chance Arizona Pledge
Help us eliminate hiring, housing and education barriers for Arizonans who have been incarcerated. If you are a business owner or part of an organization that is committed to promoting fair chances for all, please sign the Fair Chance Arizona pledge. We encourage you to share this important initiative with others in your network too! Together we can enact real change in our state and our country.  
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