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Reissued 1099-G Reminders

As claimants begin to receive their new 1099-G forms, the Vermont Department of Labor (VDOL) is reminding Vermonters of the following guidance issued by the Department last week.

  • VDOL 1099s were mailed on Monday, March 1. Most claimants will receive their 1099s by Friday, March 5.
  • Claimants should wait until they receive all of their 1099-Gs before filing their personal income taxes. Claimants may receive more than one 1099 because they received benefits from multiple unemployment programs.
  • If you believe any of the information on your reissued 1099 to be incorrect, please read the details listed in the sections below.
  • Claimants may now enroll in ID Protection Services through IDX; these are of no-cost to all 2020 Unemployment Insurance claimants (info below).
1099-G Forms by Program Code
You may receive more than one 1099-G form, reflecting different programs you received benefits from in 2020.

All claimants fall into one of two base programs, which are either Unemployment Insurance (UI) or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). From there, many claimants also received additional benefits from a variety of supplemental programs identified below.

  • 001-UI: Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits received in 2020, including extended benefit weeks and the additional $600 per week under the FPUC program.
  • 002-PUA: Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits received in 2020, including the additional $600 per week under the FPUC program.
  • 003-LWA: Lost Wage Assistance (LWA) benefits received in 2020. This federal program provided an additional $300 per week to eligible unemployment claimants between August 1 and September 5.
  • 004-VSTS: Vermont Short Term Supplemental (VSTS) benefits received in 2020. The State provided an additional $100 per week to claimants between September 27 and October 31. 
  • 005-TREAS: One-time payment of $1,200 issued by the State on April 20. This was for Vermonters who had filed for unemployment insurance benefits between March 15 and April 4, but had not yet received any benefit payments (Different TIN number on 1099-G)

Claimants had the option to have personal income taxes withheld from either UI and PUA benefits; however, taxes were not withheld from LWA, VSTS, or TREAS payments. That means claimants who received these benefits will need to pay state and federal income taxes on them.

Due to the number of 1099-Gs mailed, claimants may not receive all of their documents on the same day, and PUA 1099-Gs may be delivered one to two days later. Claimants can expect to receive all their documents by Friday, March 5.
Compensation on Reissued 1099-G forms
VDOL has worked to ensure information was correct to the best of its ability. However, if information on-file was provided incorrectly, or if claimants have moved or changed their names, the Department has established a process by which claimants may request an update or reissuance of 1099-G forms.

Regular UI and PUA Compensation
  • Your total compensation on these 1099-G forms include extended benefits and the additional $600 per week from the FPUC program

LWA and VSTS Compensation
  • If a claimant requested a reissuing of one or more of these benefit payments, the Department is still completing the reissuing process. The amount written in Box 1 is the correct amount of money issued to the claimant, even if the check was not cashed and is being reissued.  

Claimants may still file their personal income tax return if they believe information included in Box 1 Unemployment Compensation, Box 4 and Box 11 withholding amounts, and the Last 4 Digits of claimant’s Social Security Number are correct. Misspelled names will not prevent an individual from filing their tax returns.

Vermont Department of Labor
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*form will be made available once mailing process is completed
Enroll in ID Protection Services
Claimants are encouraged to sign up for free identity protection services through Identity Theft Guard Solutions Inc. (IDX). Claimants may do so by going to or calling 888-726-0943. 
More details can be found on our 1099 Incident Updates page and below in Saturday's announcement that 1099-Gs were being mailed to 2020 unemployment insurance claims.
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