Reitler is a New York-based full service law firm that delivers responsive, high quality legal services to sophisticated business clients. Reitler possesses leading capabilities in venture capital and private equity financings, fund formation, mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings and capital markets, real estate and hospitality, as well as maritime and commercial litigation. The firm’s attorneys include thought leaders in the fields of intellectual property, executive compensation, domestic and international taxation and corporate governance.

These attributes make it possible for Reitler to empower clients with the comprehensive legal vantage points their businesses need.
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December| Q4
What Is A Lease, Really?
In theory, a lease is pretty simple. All it says is that the landlord will let the tenant use a certain space, for a certain period of time, in exchange for paying a certain amount of rent. What’s so hard about that? 
5 Key Points To Consider Before Signing A Lease
After salaries and benefits, a company’s lease is typically one of its largest expenses. Here are five essential points to consider before signing a lease for your business.
Five Things You Can Do Today To Save Money On Diligence Later
A company whose board I serve recently decided to accept an offer to be acquired. About one third of the way through the due diligence period, I checked in with legal counsel to see where the legal bill stood and found out that we were already at $200k…..whaaaaat? 
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