Did you know that the word "Episcopal" is Greek for "of bishops"? Our church is organized around bishops, who serve as chief pastor of the clergy and as the symbol of the wider church to each parish. Our bishops are ordained into the "apostolic succession," which means that they are part of a line of ordination through the laying on of hands that extends back to Jesus's original twelve apostles.

About every other year, a bishop of our diocese makes a "visitation" to our parish. This is a Sunday when the bishop comes to preach and preside, to learn about our life together and our ministry, and to help connect us to the wider church. A visitation is a blessing and a great opportunity to learn and to share.

On Sunday, February 11, Bishop Gayle Harris, our Suffragan Bishop, will be at CGS. We will have just one service, at 10 am , so we can all be together with her. Because our diocese is one of the largest in the Episcopal Church, we have two bishops: Bishop Alan Gates is our "Bishop Diocesan," and Bishop Gayle Harris is our "Suffragan," which means she helps Bishop Gates and takes on particular ministry areas in support of the diocese on his behalf.

Please plan to be part of this great day. After worship, there will be a question and answer session for the whole parish with Bishop Harris. Help tell our story to our bishop and hear about her great work!