Deciduous shrubs lose their leaves each fall and don’t look that attractive during the winter. In addition, many, like most landscape shrubs naturally grow larger and more rapidly than the desired height where planted. In keeping them pruned to the appropriate height, many shrubs get twiggy and ugly. To correct this, we have adopted rejuvenation pruning to bring them back into size. Some time this can be achieved by thinning pruning, but sometimes they need to be cut down to the ground and allowed to regrow at a shorter height and more naturally. The problem is that when we make the cutback, it looks like we killed the plants. However, don’t worry as they always grow back and look much better throughout the season. This will occur annually on some shrubs and others every 2-3 years.


Again, this may appear drastic but in our experience over the past few years of implementing this philosophy in our winter deciduous pruning practices, we are seeing healthier, more natural looking shrubs maintained at their desired height in the landscape. The most common deciduous plants we will be performing this practice annually are: Barberry, Abelia, Spirea, Dogwood. Every 2-3 years: Willow, Hydrangea, Euonymus, and Forsythia. 

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