The kids were up early last Saturday to help with Chic-fil-A's fundraising 5k for us. They had to leave Crossroads at 5am, that may be why neither Jy'shawn or Jordan looks enthused!
Ms. Shelly will be off from April 2nd through April 9 and we could use help with preparation of lunch and dinner for the boys if you are willing. Also, we are still in need of help with cooking on the first weekend of the month each month. Please reply to this e-mail or call or text Shelly if you would like to help: 239.980.1387

Adam is playing football and needs cleats. If you would like to sponsor those, please respond to this email.
Save the Date
  • Our April birthday party for Cameron will be on Thursday April 18, at 6pm at Crossroads.

Hope is a Good Thing......
 I spend a fair amount of words in these newsletters giving suggestions for correcting difficult behaviors. It has been a while however, since I’ve reminded you of how important relationship building is. I think men especially can get so wrapped up on completing tasks, that we forget to just spend time with those we care for –which is the required building block for relationships. 
We forget often at Crossroads to value relationship while we are working but the reality is that we have no behavior correction without relationship.
Remember to take your son or daughter out on a ‘date’ occasionally and do not bring up behavior. Give no advice. Just enjoy them as a person. This will pay dividends for the next time that you are required to parent!