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September 2019
Learning How to Relate to Your Kids
Get on their level so they can understand yours

We were all kids once. And we all remember those moments where we could not believe how different we were from our parents. The way we dressed. How we danced. What we liked to do. Even, how we talked. What planet did our parents come from, we asked? Read more
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Pets and Parenting – 5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet
Should you include animals in your already hectic life?

Some people say owning a pet is a good, albeit softer, dry run for having children. Others, insist that their pets are actually their children. Whether you agree or disagree, what is certain is the question of whether to get pets – dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and other furry or scaly creatures – when you have actual children will come, and often. Read more
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Get Involved in Your Child’s School Without Sacrificing Too Much
Different ways to make a difference for your kid’s school

Studies show that children perform better academically when their parents actively participate in school. According to the National Education Association (NEA), students with parents or caregivers who are active in their school get better grades, are better behaved and a positive attitude towards learning.  Read more
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Building a Parental Support Structure
Being a parent is the most rewarding job in history, and the oldest. But it’s also the hardest (only nonparents would argue the point). Sometimes it can get downright impossible to handle – what with work, finances, time, and most of all, your own kids, conspiring against you. Read more
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Kid’s-Eye View
School Lunch, from Yuck to Yum!

What are your favorite things about school lunch?

Pizza day and that you can get chocolate milk or salad any day.
Oli, 7

Favorite thing about school lunch is being with friends and talking and eating
Jeremiah, 7 Read more
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