Relationship Centered Communication Specialist

July 28, August 4, August 11, August 18

11 a.m. - 1 p.m. CST
Take advantage of this unique program to gain a deeper understanding of how and why an empathic and compassionate approach to relationship centered caregiving allows for all types of caregivers to make impactful connections with those they work with. The RCCS designation focuses on accessibility of communication tools, making itself available to any type of caregiver (personal or professional) regardless of age or education level. 

Through the practice of empathy infused improv practice, participants will be able to immediately apply skills and techniques used, understand how and where to practice these skills and apply the knowledge to their personal relationships as well as their professional ones. Together we will breathe life into the concepts of empathy and find ways to make them work in our daily practice of caregiving, creating sound advice, not just sound bits. Additionally the "shared language" that will be taught will simplify communication with and among care partners.

Participants will receive materials virtually that they are required to read and engage with prior to the first session. Here's the lineup:

  • Week 1: Empathy Pillars 1-2: Perspective Taking and Working Self Out of Judgement
  • Week 2: Empathy Pillars 3-4: Understanding Communication and Communicating Understanding
  • Week 3: Improv Rules 1-2: Relinquish Your Agenda and Make Your Partner Look Good
  • Week 4: Improv Rules 3-4: Yes, And... and The Gifts

Registration fee of $265 includes comprehensive presentations, materials and eight (8) CEUs for health and allied health professions. Participants must engage, either live or via recordings, for all 4 weeks and 4 presentations in order to receive the CEUs and Certification designation.