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Bartow County is fortunate to have the sparkling blue waters of Lake Allatoona in its backyard. Most of us who have lived in the county for any period of time probably remember picnicking, boating, or swimming at the lake. Perhaps you recall a Sunday afternoon drive to admire its reflective water or perhaps you enjoyed camping along its shoreline. But how much do you really know about this gem that we have come to enjoy over the years? Join us as we visit the lake from its formation, diving into its history, and exploring its cultural landscape. Let's get underway.
Did you know?
  • Did you know that George Washington Carver State Park, located on the banks of Lake Allatoona, was Georgia's first African American State Park? Did you also know that the park attracted visitors from around the southeast, including entertainers such as Ray Charles and Little Richard? It was also the summer home of the Jacksonville, FL based, St. John’s Ski Bees, an African American water ski club.

  • Did you know that the town of Etowah included Cooper's Furnace, a bank, church, hotel, brewery, and a four story flour mill? Many of the town's workers came from Wales and England. Yes, you read that right. Did you also know that flour from the mill was shipped to Queen Victoria with hopes of future trade? The town was destroyed during the Civil War, and the remains are now submerged under Lake Allatoona.

  • Did you know the technique used to build the Bethany Bridge over Lake Allatoona involved the use of a truss or triangle construction system? Check it out the next time you drive over the bridge. Did you also know it is 880 feet long? It has been said that the bridge was named after Bethany Baptist Church, which relocated to Emerson during the building of the dam.
Fun Facts About
Lake Allatoona
Click on the link below to see some fun facts we have compiled about Lake Allatoona. Do any of them surprise you?

Activities for all ages!
Let's color together! Attached are a couple of coloring sheets for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Let's have some fun with a picture search. This one is made for the kids. See how many items they can find in this lakeside picture.

Word Search
Here is a word search on all things Lake Alattoona related. Want more of a challenge? See how many you can find in a specified period of time.

Create a Compass
Boaters use a compass to determine direction. Help your child create a compass by following these directions.

Our collection at the museum contains some interesting lake related items. Have fun learning about each one!
Souvenir playing cards
You see these 1950s bridge playing cards and you just wonder about their history. The design on the back of each card is a black and white photograph of the newly built Allatoona Dam in Cartersville, GA.
This late 1940s Anglevel, made by The R-D Company, Flint, Michigan, belonged to Paul Kimbrel of White, Ga., and was used when Mr. Kimbrel was a construction worker building on the Allatoona Dam in the late 1940s.
Water Skis
This set of water skis has a hand-painted bee logo on the tip of each ski. Beneath the bee is "Ski-Bees", which was the name of the Jacksonville, FL, based water skiing team that came to George Washington Carver Park on Lake Allatoona in the summers of the 1950s to perform.
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One of the benefits of being a member of the Bartow History Museum is that we support you back. With hundreds of reciprocal museums to visit in and out of the state, I encourage y'all to make a bucket list of places to go this summer.  Starting with my neck of the woods--Springdale, Arkansas. Check out their Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, , where our members get to be their guest for free. They are a regional history museum focusing on the Northwest Arkansas Ozarks. The museum takes its name from the pioneer community of Shiloh, which became Springdale in the 1870s.

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