Issue 31
Caregiving is Both Black & White
Caregiver Kanu Mehta finds comforting symbolism in an art class. He learns about "notan," the Japanese belief that light and dark elements are equally important. They need each other to exist. Both sides of his wife Sumi's dementia, the calm and the combative, deserve love and understanding. Read journal entry
CALM Conversations
July & October
Explore topics related to change and loss throughout the caregiving journey. For family caregivers of adults living with dementia. No charge.

Virtual sessions meet quarterly. See full CALENDAR of May events.
Events & Activities
Caregiver Boot Camp
Saturday, May 7
Universal Dementia Caregivers helps caregivers manage the social, spiritual, emotional and practical needs of loved ones with dementia. UDC believes "our loved ones are inside” even if they can no longer communicate in a way we understand. Details & Reg for Caregiver Boot Camp
Become a More Confident Caregiver
Trainings to make your caregiving more effective and less stressful. Learn the basics of dementia care and loving ways to handle difficult behaviors.
Relax by the River
The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy hosts several outdoor programs on mindfulness and mental health, like guided Mediation Walks through May, Mental Health Awareness Month.
Tips for Caregivers
Have you been scammed, exploited, had your identity stolen or otherwise been a victim of financial fraud?

Call LaToya Hall @ 313-664-2608
SAFE Can Help
Successful Aging thru Financial Empowerment (SAFE) provides free financial coaching to older adults and caregivers to help them manage money securely and accurately. If you've been a victim of fraud or exploitation, let SAFE work with you to recover your money. Help is safe, confidential and free.
Are you vulnerable to financial exploitation?

SAFE financial booklets brought to you by our partner
Alzheimer's Caregiving:
Personality Changes
Alzheimer’s disease causes brain cells to die, so the brain works less well over time.
This changes how a person acts. This Tip Sheet can help you understand and cope with your loved one's changes in personality and behavior.
New Products Ease Caregiving
From easy-on clothing to Google Nest reminders, companies are responding to the needs of caregivers. Shopping just got easier. More
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