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For Immediate Release                                                                          March 28, 2012

Citizens Districting 10-1 Plan Provides a District More Asian  

than other Texas Cities with Sitting Asian American Council Members


The minority opinion in the city's charter revision committee, tasked with evaluating whether or not Austin should change the way its city council members are elected, failed to support the plan put forth by Austinites for Geographic Representation (AGR), a citizen-led coalition. They claim straight district representation would leave Asian American citizens of Austin unrepresented due to the inability to create a district with an Asian majority. AGR asserts this claim to be false. "10-1 gives Austin Asians as much chance as Asian voters in San Antonio and Houston that have geographic representative now!" said Charlie Jackson, a representative of Austinites for Geographic Representation. 


Asian Americans Can Be Elected from Straight Geographic Districts


In a demonstration district drawn by AGR, District 5 would have a total population of 80,382 Austinites with 12,726 Asian Americans (15.8%). Councilmember Elisa Chan, of San Antonio's District 9, was elected from a district composed of only 4.2% Asian Americans.  Councilmember Al Hoang, of Houston's District F, was elected to office from a district consisting of 16.34% Asian Americans.


Based on Asians elected from geographic districts in other major Texas cities, it is clear that the 10-1 plan adopted by the Austin Charter Revision Commission will not deny Austin's Asian Americans an opportunity to elect a representative to the Austin City Council.

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