US Senate candidate and Olympian appears on Fox News for the fifth time in two months on a segment titled “Biden Blunder Cleanup”

March 28th, 2022

(COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) - United States Senate candidate and Olympian Eli Bremer was featured again on Fox News, this time providing national security insights on a “Fox and Friends” segment titled “Biden Blunder Cleanup.”  

Speaking in Poland, the White House appeared to walk back President Biden’s off the cuff comments that appeared to suggest regime change was necessary in Russia to remove Vladimir Putin from the presidency.

Bremer has appeared in Fox News four times in the past two months speaking on topics ranging from fighting for women’s rights, Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, trans swimmer Lia Thomas, the hypocrisy of left wing environmentalists, and instability in North Korea.  

His fifth appearance, most recently on Fox and Friends on Monday, March 28th, was highly critical of President Biden’s reckless remarks that appeared to support the removal of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia. Bremer’s remarks included but are not limited to:

“When Joe Biden said that, he played right into his (Putin’s) hands. In international relations, words matter. Joe Biden blundered this. He handed Vladimir Putin a huge advantage.”

“I’m extremely worried. He’s (President Biden) been gaffe prone.”

“The United States needs clarity right now. We need clarity in words. We need clarity in foreign policy. And when the President makes these missteps and misstatements, it hurts our strategic interests.”

“Russia is a nuclear power. They have threatened to use nuclear weapons. They put their nuclear power on standby in case they want to use it. The last thing we need right now is the President of the United States who is making missteps with his words that could give Russia an excuse to take further actions towards NATO or towards the United States.”

“I fear that the world may become a much more dangerous place.”

“I think Americans should be very worried.”

“Michael Bennet has been silent on his friend and confidant, President Biden, who is turning our great nation into an international laughing stock. This is serious. Lives are at risk. President Biden’s instability put lives in jeopardy, and Michael Bennet has been complicit with his silence. If he does not want to lead and stand up for America, I will as your next Senator,” concluded Bremer.