Signaling True Grassroots Support, Bremer Announces that over 70 Current and Former Republican County Commissioners from Across the State have Endorsed his Campaign
Bremer’s announcement surpasses Walker Stapleton’s 2018 list of 50 County Commissioners, which led to his State Convention and Assembly blowout victory of 43%, in an equally crowded field.
March 15, 2022

(COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) – Today, Eli Bremer’s U.S. Senate campaign announced the endorsement of nearly half of all Republican County Commissioners. This is believed to be the largest ever pre-convention haul of endorsements from Republican County Commissioners in the State of Colorado. Bremer picked up 68 new endorsers. The 68 include 56 current and 12 former Republican County Commissioners from across the state. Due to their service in multiple elected offices, 3 endorsers have already been announced, but including them brings the total to 71, 57 current and 14 former Republican County Commissioners.

Of Colorado’s 64 counties, only 45 counties have Republican representation on their Board of County Commissioners. Eli has received County Commissioner endorsements from 35 counties, including 11 counties (Archuleta, Baca, Chaffee, Clear Creek, Crowley, Huerfano, Kit Carson, Mineral, Montrose, Prowers, and Sedgwick) where all Republican County Commissioners have endorsed Bremer. Commissioners from over half of all counties in Colorado and over 75% of counties which have Republican County Commissioners on their Board have endorsed Bremer. There are currently 126 Republican County Commissioners in office, which means that Bremer has racked up 45% of all elected Republican County Commissioner endorsements.

Bremer’s announcement surpasses Walker Stapleton’s 2018 endorsement list, which was announced prior to his Assembly blowout. Walker boasted 50 Commissioners from 33 counties. Bremer’s County Commissioner list comes on the heels of an announcement that he has also received the support of 19 current and former Colorado State Representatives and State Senators, 6 of whom held Leadership positions during their time in office.

Bremer has far surpassed his opponents in the total number of endorsements as well as the number of endorsements he has received from his home county of El Paso. Bremer has received endorsements from 29 people who have, in some way, represented El Paso County, his lifelong backyard.

With this record-breaking announcement, Bremer humbly expressed gratitude and optimism: “These endorsements are truly special to me. When I was growing up, my father was an El Paso County Commissioner. I saw and learned from my dad the hard work and problem solving that it takes to be a County Commissioner. When my wife, Cami, met my family for the first time, she said ‘Wow your dad has the coolest job!’ and now she serves as an El Paso County Commissioner as well.

“I look up to local elected leaders like County Commissioners. They are the people on the ground, implementing federal and state policy, distributing federal and state funds, and navigating the vast programs and regulations of the city, county, state, and country they serve. Local control is a core principle of my governance philosophy. I will push to reduce regulations and unfunded mandates from the federal level to allow local governments to take control and implement the policies best for their community. I plan to utilize my supporting County Commissioners to gain perspective, take advice, and solicit input on policy when I get to Washington, D.C.

“I am grateful for such a wide variety of County Commissioners supporting my campaign, from the Eastern Plains to the Western Slope and all in between. Because of these Commissioners and their belief in my campaign, we have built extensive grassroots support across the state. Their support will be important over the campaign cycle, especially as we go into the Assembly process.

“I am optimistic about our prospects at the State Assembly, especially knowing that in an equally crowded field, Walker Stapleton left the Assembly with 43% of the vote and only one other candidate followed him with 32%. Strong grassroots support is essential to success over the next few weeks and in the Primary this June.”

Multiple County Commissioner’s provided statements about their support of Bremer’s campaign:

Stan VanderWerf, Chair of the Board of El Paso County Commissioners
“I have known Eli for a long time and here’s what I can tell you – he’s a winner. The successes that Eli has had in his life didn’t come from luck, it came from his steadfast attitude towards hard work. Eli grew up on a family farm here in El Paso County, then graduated from the Air Force Academy, and served 14 years as an Air Force Officer at our premier Air Force bases right here in Colorado Springs. He also trained here in Colorado Springs, the Olympic City, and his dreams came true in 2008 when he represented Team USA at the Olympics in the sport of modern pentathlon. It doesn’t get more Colorado than that.

“Eli is a selfless and respected leader in our community. He has volunteered his time to help countless Republicans get elected. I have endorsed and donated to Eli’s U.S. Senate campaign because it’s time for Republicans to take back this seat and Eli is the only man that can do it.”
Sue Hansen, Montrose County Commissioner Vice-Chair
“Eli actually wants to represent all 64 counties in Colorado and their constituents. Eli knows that this is not only the path to beating Michael Bennet, but to being a better representative in D.C. I knew of Eli through his wife, Cami, who is also a County Commissioner but when I met him in person, I knew this was our next U.S. Senator. Eli boasts an impressive background as an Olympian and Air Force Officer, but what is most awe-inspiring is his passion, drive, and commitment to service for our state. He has been doing the hard work of meeting County Commissioners across the Western Slope and taking the time to understand the issues that impact our communities like water, energy, rural broadband, and forestry. I can’t wait for Eli to fire Bennet and be our voice in Washington, where I know he won’t forget about rural communities like mine.”

Ty Gates, Rio Blanco County Commissioner District 3
“Eli and I bonded over our shared experience of raising goats. I would love to send a man like Eli to Washington because I know he understands hard work if he has raised goats. Eli grew up on a family farm doing 4-H, we need more people in our government that understand the work that real Americans do every day. A man like Eli can help us advocate for rural communities and close the rural-urban divide that is a real threat to our country and state.”
Wendy Buxton-Andrade, Prowers County Commissioner District 3
“Eli has an incredible story and a strategic plan to win this election. Like the former Senator who held this seat, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Eli is an Olympian and Air Force veteran. But I am most pleased to say that he has been endorsed by Commissioners from all across Southeastern Colorado. We are often an area that is ignored by state-wide campaigns. I know that Eli will be a Senator for Southeastern Colorado because of his efforts to get Commissioners from Baca, Prowers, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Kiowa, Crowley, Otero, and Bent on board.”

Steve Moreno, Weld County Commissioner At-Large
“Within 45 minutes of the first time I met Eli, I knew this man could win a U.S. Senate seat. He can inspire people and give them hope that we can win this state back and stop the ridiculous policies of the Democrats. He has the ability to speak and build coalitions with people who have not traditionally voted Republican. Eli has a unique and thoughtful approach towards advocating for Colorado and America to return to energy independence which is more important than ever with gas prices skyrocketing. This year can be a wave election for Republicans if we know how to talk about the issues that people care about. I look forward to working with Eli to bring energy independence and good jobs back to Weld County, Colorado, and America.”

The Following County Commissioners Have Endorsed Bremer:
Lori Laske, Alamosa County Commissioner
Kathleen Conti, Former Arapahoe County Commissioner
Lynn Myers, Former Arapahoe County Commissioner
Warren Brown, Archuleta County Commissioner
Ron Maez, Archuleta County Commissioner
Alvin Schaaf, Archuleta County Commissioner
Spike Ausmus, Baca County Commissioner
Rick Butler, Baca County Commissioner
Shiloh Freed, Baca County Commissioner
Kim MacDonnell, Bent County Commissioner
Chuck Netherton, Bent County Commissioner
Rusty Granzella, Chaffee County Commissioner
Sean Wood, Clear Creek County Commissioner
Blaine Arbuthnot, Crowley County Commissioner
Roy Elliot, Crowley County Commissioner
Matt Heimerich, Former Crowley County Commissioner
Terry McMillian, Crowley County Commissioner
Bill Canda, Custer County Commissioner
Tom Flower, Custer County Commissioner
Wendell Koontz, Delta County Commissioner
Duncan Bremer, Former El Paso County Commissioner
Cami Bremer, El Paso County Commissioner
Ed Jones, Former El Paso County Commissioner
Stan VanderWef, El Paso County Commissioner
Mark Waller, Former El Paso County Commissioner
Holly Williams, El Paso County Commissioner
Kevin Grantham, Fremont County Commissioner
Dwayne McFall, Fremont County Commissioner
Tim Payne, Former Fremont County Commissioner
John Martin, Garfield County Commissioner
Merrit Linke, Grand County Commissioner
Kris Manguso, Grand County Commissioner
John Galusha, Huerfano County Commissioner
Coby Corkle, Jackson County Commissioner
Dan Manville, Jackson County Commissioner
Donald Oswald, Kiowa County Commissioner
Stan Hitchcock, Kit Carson County Commissioner
Dave Hornung, Kit Carson County Commissioner
Gary Koop, Former Kit Carson County Commissioner
Cory Wall, Kit Carson County Commissioner
Mark Glenn, Former Lake County Commissioner
Ed Schifferns, Lincoln County Commissioner
Doug Stone, Lincoln County Commissioner
Joe McBride, Logan County Commissioner
Jesse Albright, Mineral County Commissioner
Ramona Weber, Mineral County Commissioner
Gerald Koppenhafer, Montezuma County Commissioner
Kent Lindsay, Montezuma County Commissioner
Keith Caddy, Montrose County Commissioner
Sue Hansen, Montrose County Commissioner
Roger Rash, Montrose County Commissioner
Gordon Westhoff, Morgan County Commissioner
John Hostetler, Otero County Commissioner
Ray Douglas, Park County Commissioner
Dick Elsner, Park County Commissioner
Terry Hofmeister, Phillips County Commissioner
Don Lock, Former Phillips County Commissioner
Wendy Buxton-Andrade, Prowers County Commissioner
Ron Cook, Prowers County Commissioner
Tom Grasmick, Prowers County Commissioner
Ty Gates, Rio Blanco County Commissioner
Suzanna Bothell, Former Rio Grande County Commissioner
William Howard McCormick, Sedgwick County Commissioner
Don Schneider, Sedgwick County Commissioner
Bob Campbell, Teller County Commissioner
Dave Paul, Former Teller County Commissioner
Norm Steen, Former Teller County Commissioner
Dan Williams, Teller County Commissioner
Cyn French, Former Washington County Commissioner
Mike Freeman, Weld County Commissioner
Steve Moreno, Weld County Commissioner