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March 6, 2020
Release of Stress or Emotional Trauma
Greetings once again, and once again thank you for all your positive feedback to our email newsletters. With every newsletter, we are adding more and more of you as Demo Locations, and we are also sending out more referral, and commission checks. Keep up the good work of sharing those good sonic vibrations. There is no other form of exercise that has all the amazing benefits that true Sonic WBV exercise has. Enjoy your Sonic exercise, and keep spreading the word…

As I have mentioned in past newsletters, when I first brought the Turbosonic to the U.S., I was just looking for a way to effectively move Lymphatic fluid. I had realized that over the years of our lives, the accumulation of toxins, and the stagnation of fluids in the body, were two of the key conditions of developing a devastating disease, or accelerated aging in our later years. At a certain point of conditions, dis-ease becomes a natural progression of nature.

What was so very puzzling with the sonic vibration exercise, was that people would tell me of conditions getting better, and I would then have to work backward to try to figure out how sonic vibration exercise was able to help their particular condition.
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Featured Sonic Vibration Locations!
Dr. Tom Yarema, Part 2
Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, Soquel, CA
Featured Sonic Vibration Location
We're pleased to continue the story of Dr. Tom Yarema's remarkable journey.

"Every doctor needs to be a Lympho-Maniac!", declares M.D. and international award-winning author Dr. Tom Yarema. "A SonicLife machine is the easiest, most accessible and the safest technology to use on all patients as the first step in improving their health.

Dr. Tom's journey to this understanding actually began at the U.S. Military Academy West Point. He was studying Mandarin Chinese. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had started teaching his Transcendental Meditation first to the Pentagon and next, the U.S. military academies. After two and a half years at West Point, Tom transferred to the University of Virginia. There in Charlottesville, he began studying martial arts. Old school Asian instructors taught meditation, the healing arts and the martial arts as one discipline. As a young twenty-something, Tom was moving energy, the Chi or Qi, in the body and outside the body to others. He was fascinated when visiting martial art masters demonstrated repair of injuries with just energy.
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Sonic Vibration Tip of the Day
Do Not Turn Off Your Sonix or Turbosonic
I have also had several calls and inquires these last several weeks, with people asking about turning off their sonic device after they have finished their session. Do Not Turn Off Your Sonix or Turbosonic. After the unit has been run, the cooling fans will continue to run for several minutes to cool down the voice coils, the unit will then go into a sleep mode. When you are ready to do another session, just press the proper button to wake it up, and you’re ready to go.
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