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AUGUST   2013  


Our Salute to Hey Taxi

This month we salute Hey Taxi. We recorded and released their recording in 1978 "I Hate Dogs". This

is an early Mystic Seven inch which sells for $200 on

the 'collectors' internet market. This record was before the "Minutemen".

Mystic has made 100 in white vinyl from the original

metal. Numbered, we are offering the 100 only in white

vinyl at $15 each plus shipping USA $5 .. $20 paypal


 Thanks for supporting Mystic,

'The Old School Label' and the groups. Doug


For Mystic white vinyl collectors, this is a gem. No more

will be run in white vinyl ever.

Along with this Hey Taxi record, there are some test pressings. Put them both in a picture frame, probably they would we worth $200 or more. Add a test for $25

plus $5 shipping $5 insurance $35. For $50 get both.


Other white vinyl sold out. A few Government Issue LPs

available in white vinyl.... Future white vinyl releases will be announced in next newsletter.




Hey Taxi





 Now Available



Your Mystic News


 Do you remember Your Mystic News?  Thirty years ago a young man we called Mystic Mark, interviewed groups and people

behind the scenes, and we put our 'Your Mystic News'. Mark

also serviced 200 radio stations and 300 fanzines. Mark was

Mystic promotion. We had recorded 500 bands from many states and he helped us become known all over the U.S.A.

We have been thinking about 'Your Mystic News' and how to handle it again. Candy, is up at "Rad Bluff", 60 miles north

of Sacramento. She was filming and booking at "The Cathay

de Grande", a defunct Chinese restaurant in "Hollyweird".

She booked and filmed many Mystic groups in the 80s. Candy has stayed in touch with many of these groups. They are still

out there and she is still filming them.

I recently went with Candy filming and Kiki interviewing Mystic groups in Lala Land. We said goodbye to Albee of Don't No.

He is moving to Ohio. It has been 30 years since I saw Albee,

and It was great to renew the friendship we had. I called Albee this week and he was broken down en route. Hope all is well

Albee, and you are safe in your new home.

We saw and filmed The Grim and renewed friendship with Tim

and Bob. The show was a Happy Birthday for Bob. When the group arrived they were greeted by a drive-by shooting. Tim said "first time we ever got that kind of a reception".

About 'Your Mystic News', Mark is back with us. He is a

school teacher, but, 30 years later he is now " our "

Mystic Mark again. Between Candy and Mark, we'll be seeing

'Your Mystic News' again. Wherever you are take the time to

let us are still out there. Thank you.






                                                                 Our Mystic


                                           Our Mystic Records Skull


I am frequently asked about the Mystic Skull and its

origin. It is my skull. I had just come back from

having a head scan and I had a negative of one side of my head.

I showed it to Philco, formerly an artist with the

Hanna-Barbera studios, had joined Mystic to become

a producer. While he was learning, he handled the

art work we used on the record covers.

Phil was looking for ideas for Tee shirts. He took the one side and made a complete skull. He also took a

right tooth out to match mine. I liked it. We needed

an artist to complete it. We went to KRK Art. Keith

Ryden made the Skull we use today and charged $60.

He also made a mirror and it used to hang at Mystic.

We've always wondered where it went when we moved.

I trademarked my skull. It is now not only our record label, it is part of the group names and record names.

This trademarks our artwork and the designs we use.

Since Mystic has originated names like HOLLYWEIRD,


MARINELAND, we have protected them for our future

use in Films, Books, Clothing and Merchandise. For

those wishing to associate with Mystic , we are pleased

to welcome suggestions of use for our trademarked,

copyrighted, and intellectual property rights. For info:


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