Sept 21, 2021
Releasing attachments
Suzanne Hunt, Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
To find more inner peace and contentment
Hello spiritual friends!

This month we are looking at how we can discover more inner peace and contentment when we release attachments. Whether or not we realize it, much of the pain we experience in life comes from the attachments we form to certain outcomes.

Attachments - some examples:
  • Perhaps I become laid off from my job. Part of my painful feelings may be because I am attached to the self-image or level of income I received in that position. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy a career with good income that makes me feel proud. An attachment would cause me to feel like my intrinsic value is dependent upon that position.
  • I'm might feel upset because I expected more income or sales from a certain creative project or investment. If my inner feelings are that something about me is wrong because revenue was low, then I'm attaching my self-image to the sales revenue. Releasing attachments to an expectation will help us move on and learn from the experience. And retaining a positive sense of self will help us decide if we need to change something or redirect the business plan.
  • Or I'm an older member of my work team and been on the job for many years. A younger and recent new hire challenges the process we are using and suggests a new method. I feel defensive. Am I attached to the existing method/process? Do I feel like those business plans involve my sense of self-worth? Perhaps my identity is attached to the current method of doing business.

Rumi says:
Whatever you are attached to in this life, that is your lord.

Attachments feel urgent and light up our emotions like a hot button. They may include emotions like fear, shame, a sense of unworthiness, or neediness. They create instant reactions that feel very compelling. Attachments tend to have a feeling or internal message that says there is something is right or wrong with me based on a specific outcome.

How can we move through these kinds of attachments?

They are a little more difficult to address when we are in the moment. Considering them in a non-reactive time and space allows for more neutrality. Finding a quiet time, meditating, or perhaps a meditative activity like walking alone out in nature will give space to go inward for more self-understanding.

Awareness. One of the most important personal growth tools is to simply let ourselves be aware of our thoughts and feelings from these kinds of challenging experiences. Recognizing that we are experiencing an attachment is a huge step towards moving through it. When we become aware of an unwanted dynamic or pattern happening in our space, we can begin to solve it.

We might ask ourselves questions like.
  • "Why does this feel so important?"
  • "Am I attached to an outcome?"
  • "What outcome or expectation is holding onto me?"

Release. There are so many ways to release energy and create our own personal shift! I teach some amazing ways to work with energy. For the newsletter, we will talk about some fun and easy ones. Because the method or ritual doesn't really matter too much. The intention creates the healing and personal growth.

You might imagine that attachments form like a hook into our energy field pulling us in this direction or that. If you like to play with imagery, imagine you are pulling out the attachment hook and letting it go. Let the thoughts and emotions (the energy) that causes you to feel the fear, shame or unworthiness flow out of your space along with it.

Or maybe you enjoy working with ritual. I have a friend who would bend over a sink and imagine the painful thoughts and emotions flowing out her head a down the drain. Or write what you are letting go of and burn it in the flame of a candle.

Journaling about the experience until it feels complete; talking to a trusted friend or confidant; a walking or quiet meditation to envision the change happening and allowing the god of your heart to bring healing.

Reset and renewal
An important component in shifting our attachments is the begin to remember who you are as spirit. Your true self. Your authentic self. Your beautiful spirit who is unique, flowing, growing, learning, seeking, expanding and perfect -- just the way you are right now. Why not spend some time considering those aspects of yourself that are truly amazing? Think about all the beautiful gifts you bring into your life and your relationships. Mediate on who you are as an rare and exquisite spirit unlike anyone else in this world. Who would you be without that automatic knee-jerk attachment?

Amusement. And finally, why not try looking at the situation from the lighter side? Humor and laughter help us release painful energy and bring the experience into perspective. We can recognize that the issue we may be facing is a really a smaller part of our entire life experience and we have the power to move through it more easily than we think.

Blessings to you on your journey!
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