February 2021

Welcome to my new newsletter! Each month my regular features will include information about Atlanta's real estate market, useful homeowner information, home design trends and what is happening in our own backyard. This newsletter is for you ... let me know your thoughts and please feel free to share this with your family, friends and co-workers.  

It's February ... and whether or not you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day as a Hallmark experience, it's always a great reminder to reach out to those who matter in your life and show a little love. So, a special thank you from my heart to yours for the support and friendship you've given me.

Articles included in this issue are:

  • Relevant real estate resources for buyers and sellers

  • Helpful tips for homeowners, such as homestead exemption, tax deductions and more

  • How to arrange, hang and light art in your home (be sure to check out my favorite trick!)

  • New restaurants coming to Atlanta, virtual and local Valentine's Day ideas, hiking (with and without wine), and other fun indoor options that practice COVID-safe protocol

If you or someone you know is considering entering the real estate market this spring, I am happy to share my insight and knowledge to assist in making an informed decision. Enjoy your February!

Relevant Real Estate Resources
Predictions are that metro-Atlanta will experience a lively spring market. Many buyers and sellers delayed making a move last spring, which has created pent-up demand. My articles this month provide tools, education and advice for buyers and sellers.

If moving is on your mind, or if you're just curious about the value of your home in today's market, let's have a conversation. I would love to connect!
For Buyers

Estimate payments including principal, interest, taxes, PMI, homeowners insurance and HOA fees.

Feeling safe in your home can bring greater peace of mind and happiness.

Homebuyers are not required to purchase title insurance - but it is very highly recommended.

A Rent vs. Buy Calculator to assist with the math.
For Sellers

10 often-forgotten items and easy solutions.

Courtesy of the Georgia Board of REALTORS.

No matter the market, some are negotiable and others not so much!

Gather your list ahead of time.
The Business of Homeownership
If you bought your home in 2020, don't forget to file! In most counties the deadline is April 1st.

This is a thorough list of tax deductions to evaluate if you should itemize on your 2020 tax return.

Advice from the Insurance Information Institute
The Art of Displaying Art
Designers rate hanging art incorrectly as the #1 design mistake. Here are 3 easy tips to do it right!

Lighting makes a big difference when displaying art. It's meant to place your art at center stage.

Check out the links within the article for more direction. My favorite trick? Monkey Hooks!
Sharing the Love in Atlanta
Book a table or get food to go

Wine, museums, chocolate, opera, meditation ...

A neighborhood breakdown

Check out the Valentine Wine Hike and Dinner
Explore your inner artist - watch the video

15 apps for beginners and seasoned athletes

Urban, scenic, artistic, and unusual

Duckpin or Belgian Feather Bowling anyone?
Your February List of Gardening To-Do's