Reflection from your Co-Pastors Thursday June 17, 2021

2 Corinthians 9: 6-11

"God loves a cheerful giver," says second Corinthians, one who is not "reluctant" or "under compulsion," rather, someone who trusts that God will always provide you with enough so that you may share abundantly.

All of us have just undergone over a year of living through a life- threatening pandemic. We have had little or no in person visits from friends or relatives for months, have most likely spent way too much time looking at the Hollywood Squares or Brady Bunch boxes on our computer screens, and sacrificed vacations, entertainment, and in person worship.

Some have lost jobs, lost loved ones, and were Covid positive themselves. Though some of us are doing far less 
physically than we used to, many are reporting feeling exhausted and run down.

Doctor Sarita Robinson, professor of psychology at the University of Central Lancashire, England, tells us that "we expect to feel tired after a run or exercise class. However, high levels of mental effort and increased anxiety make us tired also. When we face psychological stressors Doctor Robinson continues, our bodies
still mount a physiological response. We can enter fight or flight mode. Our heart rate increases. And keeping the body in this high state of alert, really takes its toll on our energy levels. We have had to adapt quickly to an unfamiliar way of doing things, and the anxiety and stress caused, are by nature exhausting. For some, just the monotony and boredom associated with Covid restrictions and isolation has provided such a lack of stimulation that it produces tiredness and apathy."

We are just now emerging from our Covid cocoons and starting to gather together again. During this long isolation, our members have financially supported Mary of Magdala
through their faithful contributions which have upheld our budgetary needs. We cannot thank you enough for your support. You have been cheerful givers and God is well pleased.

Some of our members have worked as ministers of the church to bring you zoom services, inspiring liturgies, sacred music, thought provoking homilies, financial accountability, liturgical preparation of the altar, maintenance of the property, lecturers, and so many more behind the scene ministries that keep our community vibrant and spirit-filled.

Still, to repeat my earlier statement, many of us are feeling exhausted and run down. The pandemic has been a drain on all.

The work of church continues as we begin to re-gather. It is work that is both spiritually rewarding and physically and mentally demanding at times. 

Mary of Magdala has a call out for volunteers to work together toward the continued spirit-led life of this blessed community.  

Is it possible that you might listen for God's voice calling you to one of our sacred ministries?

As Saint Paul continues in second Corinthians, "God is able to provide you with every blessing and abundance... so that you may share abundantly in every good work.

Together we can sustain and grow into the vision and mission of Mary of Magdala.
Image by Jackson David from Pixabay
Invitation and Reminders
National Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers' Assembly

On June 21, 2021, the Poor People’s Campaign will be holding an hybrid assembly. This is for poor people, low-wage workers, moral and faith leaders, and all people of conscience to gather online, simultaneously with a socially-distant rally in Raleigh, NC at the state legislature. 

We hope you will join us on June 21 and invite friends to gather online at 5:30 pm ET/ 2:30pm PT. Come be a part of this historic event! 

Our goal is to get 100 folks in Northern Colorado to help lift up the poor and marginalized by joining in this National Poor People’s event. Please RSVP here!
Learn more about local PPC in Colorado by joining our email list here:
This event comes one month after the introducing a congressional resolution for a Third Reconstruction: Fully Addressing Poverty and Low-Wages from the Bottom Up. The congressional resolution reflects an omnibus vision for a fundamental restructuring of society that lifts from the bottom.

Email Tom Moos at with questions.
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Service Recordings
Here is the recording celebrating the 1t1h Sunday of Ordinary time Sunday June 13. The presider and homilist was Father Michael Nicosia and his homily is available here. The service is also available in a printed document to assist with prayer.
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